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Testimony is one of the tools to win souls to Christ. When God answer your prayer, it is good to make it known to others. In your testimony, other faith can motivate.

The Bible says: “Come and listen, all who honour God, and I will tell you what He has done for me” Psalms 66:16

Therefore, share your testimonies in a comment box.


  1. Anonymous28.7.13

    Urgent Prayer for My Marriage:
    ―Please I need u to pray for my marriage urgently, I need God to silence the home destroyers that are surrounding my home.
    Recently i discovered my husband was always bitter with me over every issue, and he would just condemn me over anything I say or when I take decision. I later discovered the root of the matter to be an external influence who called my husband behind to poison his mind against me and he didn't tell me anything. I love my husband that God gave me and I don‘t want the beautiful home the Lord has built, blessed with lovely children to be destroyed suddenly. I couldn't pray, I was not happy with him when I discovered I've been feeling bad I need God to intervene quickly‖. Mrs C. O.

  2. Anonymous28.7.13

    I thank God for you. I believe God is at work. For me to get your article on giant is a great amazing for me. I have read it and I believe that I'm a greatest giant that hinder myself because I have forsake God and take sins as friend. Now that i read this message, I have make up my mind to lives for God in holiness and faithfulness. The grace of God is now sufficient for me. I believe 2011 is my year of change of level and story of marital, financially and in all areas of my life. I’m moving to the top. Thanks Mike for mentoring me. Hellen Samuel, Benin Rep.

  3. Anonymous28.7.13

    “Dear Mike, I appreciate the efforts to put in for us to understand our giants.
    However, my comment is that some of us like to get this article in book form. It will be a blessing for you and us if you can do so. Giant is something each man should deal with in order to attain our desire in life. David killed giant that kept is people in fear for 40days, so also our spiritual giants must be totally separate from us. I will like to get more copies of your articles. God bless you”. John Pelly, NY

  4. Anonymous28.7.13

    “I have married for four years but no child. I went to different places like Lagos and other part of Nigeria looking for solution to my problem, but all is fruitless. A woman introduced me to the man of God and he told me that with God all things are possible. He ordered my to destroy all the charms and evil power including holy water that I bought at Lagos. A prayer book was given to me whom I used for several nights. And I was given some Psalms to read into drinkable water in my house. After a month, I conceived and 9 months after, I delivered a baby girl in a wonderful way that beyond my knowledge. Thanks you JESUS for doing it for me” Sister Helen Kaduna

  5. Anonymous28.7.13

    “My name is Charles from Nigeria; I used to have sex in my dreams anytime I sleep, for a very long time. This was affected me much. It even look like each time I had sex in the dream, people who normally come to me are mad women. I get in contact with man of God, and he gave prayed with me and sent prayers book of Fair Havens 2011 to me which I download and make use of. Since the man of God prayed for me and used the prayer book, I did not have sex in dreams again. Also, just some few months after it, I got a job as a sale agent in which many people from five states are under my control. I give God the glory”.

  6. Anonymous28.7.13

    Thank for the Prayers Book
    “Dear Mike Thanks for your reply. I feel much honored to have this connection with you. I’ll do my best to believe and trust God in what He alone can do. Thank you very much for the book you sent, it is very valuable and I need the spiritual warfare which is mentioned and explained there. Thanks and God bless you” Julia NL

  7. Anonymous28.7.13

    What a God-Inspired awesome site and blog, Dr. Omoasegun! My prayer request at this moment is simply that The Lord will continue to inspire and bless this wonderful ministry and outreach that you are sharing with the world through the internet.
    Peaceful Blessings to all who visit this site!
    Dr. Bill Carnagey |

  8. Anonymous29.7.13

    “Dear Pastor, I appreciate the goodness of God over my life. I here to testify to what God have done for in last year program. My husband bought a land 8years ago, when we decided to build it, one man came that he is the owner of that land. That is how the battle started. It took us to federal high court in a city that we leave. We win the case, he now took the case to federal capital of my country and we won the case again. And before the final judgment, it was during the last year fasting that the case took place. And I put the case as my prayer request during the program, to God be the glory, God won the case for us. A week after the case had been won, the man that fought us for the land just died. We packed to the house during Christmas. Glory be to God! Sis Rachael E.E KD NIG”

  9. Anonymous29.7.13

    Greetings dear brother,
    Patience. You have it and it's doing its full work in you.

    I thank God for choosing me to have this patience working it out in me too. Finally and miraculously Daddy God has caused someone to purchase for me a brand new, fully loaded HP laptop. So the work goes on more easily, even though I was still writing whenever I could be near a computer. But the work was slower.

    Pray for me and I continue to pray for you.

    Blessings and greetings to your family.

    Princess Carroll Ayo Durodola USA

  10. Anonymous29.7.13

    “Your family is a major part of our success in Christ Apostolic Church Kakuri DCC Kaduna Nigeria. For this we say thank you. May you witness joy unending in this year and years to come” From Pastor & Lady Evangelist J. O. Adewinmisi

  11. Anonymous29.7.13

    “I’m sending you these 7 Stars from God in honor to what your ministry has done in my life:
    1st for Health,
    2nd for Wealth,
    3rd for Success,
    4th for Happiness,
    5th for Good-luck,
    6th for Long Live,
    7th for Peace”. From Ogechi, Benin.

  12. Anonymous29.7.13

    “Sir, as you support our ministry, no roof can stand without a support, I pray that the power that lifts heavens above the earth without pillars will lift you up in your ministry now and forever more”, From Rev. Adebayo, Blood of the Lamb Ministry, Kaduna.

  13. Anonymous29.7.13

    “I’m proud to call you my spiritual father. Daddy, please always remember me in your prayers most especially my school and divine helper; also for me to the joy of my salvation”, From Sister Ogechi, Benin.

  14. Anonymous14.9.13

    The prayer missiles are awesome. May the Lord continue to you and your family. May Lord continue to pour into and strengthen you in the matchless name of Jesus. From Noelle E. Sewell

  15. Anonymous14.9.13

    Do you have any other prayer points/missiles for people desiring a life partner? Could you email some to me. From Noelle E. Sewell

  16. Anonymous20.1.14

    Pastor pls joint in prayer,1) God should favour me before everyone at Our HOME AFFAIRS over my permanent resident,2) this year shd b a year of breakthrough for me and everyone wishing me well in JESUS name
    3)My God shd give me finacial breakthrough in JESUS name .
    4) Lord remember me o LORD in this year 2014 in JESUS name
    5)My God in every area of my life don't let me b put to shame in JESUS name

  17. Anonymous26.1.14

    tanx my dad nd my pastor may d lord continue to streghten u infact u ar a pastor indeed tanx sir am hapi 4 u yea sir,it is a biggest grace of d lord dat he fulfil his promise in ur life FROM GERMAN ELIZABETHB OLAITAN

  18. Anonymous30.1.14

    Pst good day sir, is it good for man after fasting each day to have sex with wife or is not?

  19. Anonymous13.2.14

    May the peace of the Lord be with you and the family. Thanks very much for this wonderful material you sent to me, we really apprrciate it. I am so sorry i have not accessed my mail box for some time now that was why i could not find it as at when due.
    I do hope that all is going well in Nigeria? We are fine here by the special grace of God. Please i have not forgot what we discuss last time, is only i have other things holding me behind for now.

    God bless you.
    Nguzo Uche

  20. Anonymous14.2.14

    Dong Mung says:
    Thank you Pastor.
    I am very thankful to you. May God Bless You.
    I hope your books will help me for my spiritual growth.
    Dong Za Mung
    Yangon, Myanmar

  21. Anonymous15.2.14

    From: L Osmond hancile.
    Date: Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 11:55 PM


    Praise The Lord!!! By His Grace I've completed what I never felt possible- fasting for 14 days!!!

    I would now want to share some of my testimonies with you and the Mikoas Ministry.

    At the end of the 2nd day of fasting, I had a dream overnight which came as a glaring revelation at the start of the 3rd fasting. Here now is the dream and how it worked out in the morning of the 3rd day:
    I dreamt that I was in my home town of Bonthe which is located on the Sherbro Island, 90 nautical miles south of Freetown. My two feet were at the edge of one of the main jetties and I was suspended- in a flying motion- over the mire(marshy ground). I saw two men just outside of the mire and I called upon them to come to my rescue so that I would not fall into the mire, which they did not do. I then had a voice of a man on the land who told me to stretch my feet for him to rescue me; how that was possible from the position I was, is indeed the mystery of our Lord and Master. That was how I was saved and did not fall into the mire under me

    Come the next morning I was to use Psalm 69 as the Bible Reading. As soon as I started the reading, I was amazed as I could clearly remember my dream. By the time I got to verse 14 which is re-produced below, I could not help calling out to my wife and a visiting Pastor from Bonthe to explain it all to them:
    "Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink: let me delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters". Of course the rest of the Psalm certainly was seen as my breakthrough from my enemies. Alleluia!!! Praise the Lord!!! AMEN!!!!!!

    That very day when I went to work I had an unscheduled visit from a senior Government officer and two of my close political associates with whom we held very promising discussions bothering on community, national and personal development.

    It has been truly difficult but I just give God al the praise for His Grace to give me the strength to go through it all. I had my last meal at about 10pm at the outside and go on till 3pm the next day. I'm looking forward to going beyond this period in the future provided I eat early in the morning before 6am and take it on to 6pm. This I believe is achievable

    May God continue to bless us all and use us mightily in the service of His Vineyard during our mortal journey to His praise and glory

  22. Anonymous15.2.14

    Ayomide says: I thank God for given me a uncommon job during this 14 days fasting and prayer without certificate. I wan applied for a job in which I was called for interview after few days, during the interview, I was asked about my certificate in order to back up my experience of the work, but my certificate has not been given to me, until May, 2014. But i believe in God with the prayer of this man of God, five days after the interview, I was called to come and start the work, Truly, God do uncommon favour for during this prayer. Thanks God

  23. Anonymous19.2.14

    Apostle Olorunkiya say: Daddy don't forget the prayer points sir , All the prayer you have been sending , i prayed them very well and the lord just bought me a space bus last week. Yes sir, I really prayed the prayer of uncommon favour you sent and the lord of your calling answered me speedily and this year as well i got UK visa renew , Though i have been going.

  24. Anonymous25.2.14

    Adeyemi Gbenga say:
    Gud pm sir.thanks for your replied to my again am grateful!
    My name is Gbenga. i lives in Lagos, I stay with my old daddy to take care of happy to met you sir and at the same time i share the same day birthday with you sir(14 DEC).

    Becos you'r a man of God i am having challenges and it bothering daddy built a house here in Lagos (ikotun). but he was illness of stroke,right hand and leg. but his illness was evil attack. and d attack is from where we'r living(his house he built).

    sir,the network was bad and am busy at work. but i will later finished up to write the d main issue of the matter sir..for you to enlighten me on d matter sir..thanks sir!

  25. Anonymous5.3.14

    Funmi Ayomide say:
    Amen daddy, God bless you, honestly I really appreciate all your support & prayers since I know you, God will surprise you & your family in Jesus Name.

    Amen daddy, God bless you, honestly I really appreciate all your support & prayers since I know you, God will surprise you & your family in Jesus Name.

  26. Anonymous24.12.14

    Good morning pastor, as I was reading the testimony of that gentleman that was conscrated to the devil and how they impede our prayers to reach our heavenly Father, it also happens to me like recently I was deeply praying then all of a sudden got disturbed with footstep like is someone coming into my house whereas it was just my neighbours children running down the stairs it was simple that, and I have my niece who confessed to me that she is a devil worshipper, herewith her attached foto if you can assist as well in praying for her to be delivered as I am sure she also exposed us to the enemy, I tried inviting her to the church but she stopped coming as they threatened to kill her if she continue coming to church, please pray for her name is Jabu Msindo Gcwensa-ditleo. Thank you. Tozi Eunice Msindo December 23 2014

  27. Anonymous6.2.15

    Joseph Awaye said: Thank you so much sir,I mean thank you for your fatherly care sir, I'm glad it's the Lord's doing, this possibility.I believe the Lord will also make all provision available for the scaling through of the two years course under C.A.C protocol. Thank you sir,I will do as you've instructed me sir. Thank so much. I'm too young to pray for you,but it is certain that the GLORY of the Lord will forever be upon your Life,& I say Amen. Joseph Awaye

  28. Anonymous7.2.15

    Ayodeji Idowu say: I have prayed with wholeheartedly, God answering me by letting me received unmerited favour at my working place.Halleluyah!


God bless you and increase you as you join our prayer ministry.