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Prayer of Faith Over COVID-19

Prayer of Faith Over COVID-19

Gradually, the world is going through COVID-19 epidemic more than expectation. Many churches are closed down and were not be able to meet as usual in serving and worship their God. Reactions of people on this issue are diverse but the most common all is the total lockdown around the world.

My question to you is that: Are you reacting to the COVID-19 the way you would have imagined you would? Are you serving and worship your God the way should use normally to do before the epidemic? Or, like many, have you found that your faith, your understanding of God, and your confidence in God is not as deep as it could be? Or your spiritual life has been injured or tamper with? No matter what is happening or your present situation, your most concern in this present situation (COVID-19) epidemic is for you to hear God calling you to walk and abide more in Him.

I encourage you to continue developing and building a cordial relationship with God. I encourage you not to allow your faith to be weary or derail from Jesus Christ. remember the word of the Lord Jesus Christ in Mark chapter 9 verse 23 which says: “If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”

If you allow your faith to trigger you more in closing relationship with God, surely you will overcome any challenges the COVID-19 may have brought. My prayer is that in this time of reflection that you will come away with a new commitment, stronger than ever before, to live a life loving, worshiping and praising our risen Lord and our everlasting King. 

Prayer Bombs:

1.     Father trigger my faith to love you more and abide in You in the name of Jesus

2.     Father, silence every challenge the COVID-19 may have brought to my life in the name of Jesus

3.     Father, let your words enrich and enlarge me more and more in order to your will and follow you till end in the name of Jesus

4.     Father, let the power of resurrection encourage and strengthen my faith and also to help to equip me in sharing the Gospel with others in the name of Jesus.

5.     Father, open my understanding to know your more and to discover the available opportunity for me to overcome the present challenge in the name of Jesus.

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