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Prayer for Making Good and Profitable Decision

Always trust yourself and make decision.

Trusting yourself and your Creator is a powerful tool that will assist you to overcome failure. At this time that you have assessed your decision, you can now trust yourself. Always have it in mind that there are no guarantees and wrong decision always reflect. So, all you need to do is choose, decide and then believe that you are choosing the best opportunity.
At this time that you have made the decision, be prepared to face the penalties, either good or bad. Though it can lead you to a good place or bad place but the most important thing is that you have chosen the way you want to live instead of just standing at one place an inactive viewer of your own life. Never regret the consequences but learn from it and always remember that you have the power to make good decisions in future. 
Always assess every opportunity by checking on the merits and demerits of the opportunity. By doing so, you get to know about the penalties of such opportunity.
Prayer Bombs:
1.     As you witness another wonderful morning by the grace and mercy of God your days of weeping is over in Jesus mighty name Amen.
2.     Anyone who set traps before you will capture themselves and whoever associated with darkness to hinder your life will collapse and die suddenly without mercy, in Jesus mighty name Amen.
3.     I see you climbing the leader of success no man or woman can stop you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ If you believe shout 3 powerful Amen.
4.     God Almighty will unlock the door of favour and financial breakthrough that have been closed since you have been born in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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