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Read Psalm 1
1.           By the Precious Blo
od of Jesus Christ that was shed, on the Mount of Calvary manifesting His Abundant Blessings, Joy, happiness, Grace and Mercy upon your life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
2.           May all your prayers be fulfilled and may wonderful blessings be upon you and all your family member in Jesus mighty name.
3.           May God take you to a place where all your potentials will be manifested.
4.           God will remove any obstacle in your life in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen
5.           Everything purchased by the blood of Jesus and that is still missing in my life, COME ALIVE NOW BY FIRE!!! In Jesus’ name.
6.           Let the Power of Resurrection invade every prison-tomb encasing my destiny and uproot my buried glory to shine again in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
7.           I relocate my destiny by fire from the tomb of failure to the mountain of glory, In the powerful name of Jesus Christ.
8.           Everything that Jesus my Lord died for to make me free and partake of all blessings, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, BEGIN TO MANIFEST IN MY LIFE NOW.
9.           Every heavy stone placed against my destiny preventing the glory of God from manifesting in my life, ROLL AWAY by Fire!!! In Jesus’ Name.
10.      Every enemy of the Gospel in my life that is persecuting the truth, Surrender By Fire under my Feet!!! In the name of Jesus Christ.
11.      I claim and receive forgiveness of my sins by the blood of Jesus Christ.
12.      I enter into the new Glory and receive fresh Anointing with the banner of His Love over me, in Jesus’ name.

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