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COVID-19: Decide for yourself and take the risk.

Decide for yourself and take the risk.

The journey of life is call for personal decision and taking risk. Nothing guarantee that your decisions are right until you made it, then you can decide for yourself and take the risk. It is better than standing at midpoint. There is no person involve neutral journey, is either to take a decision and take risk, and become the hero or you do not take a decision and not involve in taking risk.
Though it is true that you can get lost on the wrong way but it can still turn up to be an adventure, or even open more roads for you. Personal decision you make will determine who you are in the master plan of God. You have the choice to choose between being a lost tourist or accidental tourist for life. Always make sure that you do not make messy decisions.
When taking risks does not mean that you are a fool or you are thoughtless. It is part of life take risks and decided by yourself. Remember, you are the owner of your life, is either you fulfil it or you frustrate it. If you cannot take risk, forget about accomplish your purpose in life. Never allow yourself to rule by the evil thoughts that disallow people to take a risk that lead to divine accomplishment.
Heroes are risk takers, and never allow others decision to derail them from their personal decision. Mind you, decide a good thing and take risk on it is unavoidable step to reach your greatness. Abraham take a risk by obeyed the commandment and lived in a strange land where God directed him to live. Genesis 12:1-ff. It takes the 3 Hebrews brother to risk their life in the furnace fire of king Nebuchadnezzar. Daniel 2:18-ff. The boy David who remembered as a man after God’s heart take risk to confronted the giant. He is a young boy when he stood before Goliath, and rebuked him.
Beloved, if you cannot take risk you cannot go far in life. The journey of life to greatness is surrounded with risks. And only those that seize are rulers of their world. Don’t see risk taking as an accident but see it as an additional step to accomplish your dreams.
Prayer Bombs:
1.     Lord, I don’t just need anointing that make people fall; I want the anointing that can raise the dead in the name of Jesus.
2.     LORD, I don’t need anointing that helps me build cathedrals; but I need the anointing that can make me become a solution bearer to people’s problem in the name of Jesus.
3.     LORD, I don’t just want an anointing that makes my prophesy; but release your anointing that will heal the sick and the afflictions like Apostle Peter and Paul in the name of Jesus.
4.     LORD we don’t want our churches to be closed; we want it to become a solace and a refuge for all those that are suffering from satanic oppressions in the name of Jesus.
5.     LORD we don’t just want anointing that preaches about success and prosperity; we want the anointing that will showcase the church as the solution center for global epidemic like Corona Virus in the name of Jesus.
6.     Father, empower me to do great for you in the name of Jesus.
7.     LORD send one angel to stop this evil Virus and heal all those who are struggling to get their lives back from this sickness in the name of Jesus. Amen.


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