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10 Steps To Effective Christian Leadership

Generally, Christian leadership is defined as a process of influencing the Body of Christ and a community to use their God-given gifts toward a goal and purpose as led by the Holy Spirit. According to Bill Lawrence, president of Leader Formation International, at, he defined Christian leadership as “Leadership is the act of influencing/serving others out of Christ’s interests in their lives so they accomplish God’s purposes for and through them.”

However, Christian leadership is not rooted in worldly notions of success, such as the love of money or power. Jesus Himself spoke against this when expressing the importance of serving others.

The following are the 10 steps to be an effective Christian Leader:


1.    Be a Christian leader is a called for some peculiar ethics and actions. Be sure that every decision you make is honest and ethical. As a Christian leader, you cannot lead effectively, when your decisions and actions are not legal, honest and fair. Your followers are expecting you to be honest and trustworthy in your actions and deeds, as well as promoting Godly characters.


2.      Another step you must adapt to is clean yourself from the old style of immorality and self-interest. All your past ethical and moral behaviour must be clean up. Such characters may have been painting you like another person to the people you lead and the people outside the fold. Try to get rid of such attitudes it immediately. Do not give anyone a reason to think that you are not a sincere person.


3.      Avoid pride. Pride is another killer that can easily kill leaders at any time. Once you are in apposition and you are the best and cannot be defeated you easily begins to feel invincible. And when that occurs to become vulnerable to pride. And when you make the same decision with you subordinate you may feel higher than them of a frown at their decision. Make sure you avoid pride all the times. Points of pride come in different ways, and it easy to pull the leader down. Maintain full responsibility for your actions and keep the legal at all time.


4.        A Christian leader is a mandate to tell and keep the truth, not but the truth. You are a Christian leader, and you must always tell the truth no matter what. If you tell a lie or tell a halt-truth, people will take your entire faith as a deceive even also as a sham. When you are truth-teller, surely your followers will follow you as a leader with the truth. If fact, if you are always lying and telling a half-truth, then indeed your faith is a sham.


5.        Lead by example is another unique characteristic of a Christian leader.  Your practical life is the first thing that will make your followers believe you and also follow you to any length. Do you want your employees or secretaries to arrive at work on time, and to dress very well? Then you have to do the same. Well, it is easy to come to a conclusion that you have made it so you feel you can come to work anything you wish, leave at you pleasure time then you are wrong because you have to lead by example if you want a great performance. Anything you want people to, you too do likewise even be the first to do it. Do you want others to work overtime when a project is at hand then you must be willing to do likewise?


6.     Learn how to use your time wisely. Use time wisely is a great gain for every Christian leader. In my experience as a Church leader for many years, I discovered that use time wisely is one of the things that Christians embrace in following a leader. Your followers are expecting you to keep and abide with the time you have promise or schedule for a program. When you are in the position of leadership and you find yourself delegating away most of your c time- consuming task then it is easy for you to waste your time and if that happens you employees will surely do that because they tend to follow your path.


7.    Although you may feel you have earned the right to give part of your work to someone else, but continue to involve yourself in a productive act. By doing some of your work, not only that you earn respect from them but you also flow with the situations of things at hand. It is mostly easy to disengage oneself from the actual performance of your business, and you make a decision that looks good on the paper and also sounds good but is worthless and useless when the act is performed.


8.   Rate your performance is another step you must addict to. Always judge your own performance. You may spend time correcting the mistake of others and mostly solving the crisis you did not commit but do have it in mind that others are not as capable as you are. As a result, you may not notice that you are falling into a bad habit and you also need to be corrected. Be the first to recognize your mistake and work on it.


9.    Adapt to learning and update yourself. As a Christian leader, your followers are expecting new things from you every day. And you can only meet up with such when you adapt to learn everything you can about the tasks at hand, even if it means working in an unusual place for a while. No one likes to be led by someone who has never done what they are doing. This does not mean you have to be an in the work but just participate in the menial work to know all the frustrating aspects of the work. And another benefit is that if any problem arises you will be able to face it.


10.   Finally, your effectiveness as a Christian leader is not only on the above steps, but you must also be an obedient to your authority and your Creator. He is the one that calls and makes you a leader of His people. He is expecting you to obey Him all the times. Never do things without being approved by God.

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