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The Last Hour Miracles

Prayers Bombs For Today (27/12/2018)

Topic: The Last Hour Miracles 

Bible Reading: 2 Kings 2:1-15, Luke 23: 39-43

We thank God for give us grace to see the last days of this year 2018. There is no doubt that we are approaching the last hours of this year and several miracles are waiting for us to grab. 

It is possible that you have been desire to receive uncommon miracles and success but it seem that it doesn't happen, however this is the right time for you to experience the miracles you have been waiting for. As Elisha a disciple under Prophet Elijah got his last hours miracle so also you too will get yours as long as you remain focus and trust and believe in the power of God and in the name of Jesus Christ that is above all names. The thief hanged on the cross  beside Jesus Christ received last miracle which is eternal life. He asked Jesus Christ to give him,  and Jesus answered him and gave him. 

No matter what is happening to you now  God is more than enough to surprise you and give you last hour miracles for this year. 

Are you looking for good job? You are have been praying for wife or husband?  Your marriage is experience barrenesss?  Sickness and affliction is the predicament that war against you and your family?  Are you in debt looking for meaans to pay it before end of this year?  What is your problem or challenge?  God is ready to surprise you and give you last minutes miracles. 

Kindly follow these steps:

1. Fully determined 

2. Fully connected with Jesus Christ 

3. Walking with Jesus Christ and don't be weary 

4. Silence your enemies,  don't allow them to deceive you with their arguments. 

5. Tell Jesus Christ what you want.  Matthew 7:7

6. Don't lose hope until you get the miracles you desire.

7. Make sure you pray these prayers bombs everyday until you get results you want. 

Prayers Bombs:

1. Father I thank you for give me grace to bear this message. 

2. Father forgive all my sins and wash me with precious blood of Jesus Christ 

3. Last hour miracle locate me by fire in the name of Jesus 

4. The last hour miracles that will shake my enemies and the world, Father let it happen in my life in the name of Jesus 

5. Last minutes miracle that will put my enemies to shame, Father let it happen in my life in the name of Jesus 

6. Last minutes miracles of financial breakthrough,  Father let it happen in my life in the name of Jesus 

7. Last hours miracles that will make me to rule my world Father release it for me in name of Jesus 

8. Father wipe away my tears with last hours miracles in this year 2018

9. The supernatural miracles that is mine in the remaining hours of this year I received it by fire in the name of Jesus 

10. Every forces and power of darkness that planned to hinder my last hours miracles for this year, you a liar, die and scattered by thunder in the name of Jesus 

11. I received the letter of promotion and elevation in the remaining days of this year in the name of Jesus 

12. I received the last minute miracle in this year in the name of Jesus. 

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