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Manifesting the Real Glory

Topic: Manifesting the Real Glory

Text: Genesis 1:26-30

Many of the problems that plague us as Christians begin with misplaced identity.

We forget who we are as chosen, purchased, and commissioned children of God, and think of ourselves primarily through the lens of something else — success at work, the well-being of our children, the fruitfulness of our ministry, our feelings of fulfillment, or our ability to achieve our goals and dreams. We may even see ourselves almost exclusively through our sin (we are defined by our greatest temptation or besetting struggle), or through our suffering (we are defined by the greatest distress we experience).

As a Christian, you are the image of the living God.  You are here to manifest the image and likeness of God. Anywhere you go or find yourself, you are there as image and likeness of God who created you and purchased you with blood of Jesus Christ from your sinful nature and desires. 

It is an error for you to live a miserable life that advertise the image or character of the devil. Be partnership with immorality, and molesting your body with sinful activities showing that you are doing the wrong thing at the right time. Doing so means you are not manifesting the image of God but advertising the image of devil. 

As you are in another day,  give yourself a favour by rethinking and make a U-turn back to your God. 2 Chronicles 7:14, Mathew 6:33

Prayer Bombs:

1. Father,  have mercy on me and deliver me from the power of sins that war against my life 

2. I posses the power of resurrection in the name of Jesus 

3. Father,  set me from the power of sinful desires in the name of Jesus 

4. Every activities of the enemies that attacked me from doing the will of God,  scatted by fire in the name of Jesus 

5. As from today, I will manifest and glorify the image of God in the name of Jesus 

6. Every power that is killing my glory,  die by fire in the name of Jesus 

7. In the name of Jesus,  my glory get out of the camp of the enemies by fire.

8. My glory what are you waiting for,  manifest by fire in the name of Jesus 

9. Every evil hands attacked my glory, you are a liar die by fire in the name of Jesus 

10. In the name of Jesus,  all the good things that belong to me in 2018, I posses them in the name of Jesus

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