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Freedom From the Power and Forces of Evil Gifts

Topic: Freedom From the Power and Forces of Evil Gifts. 

Bible Reading: Ephesians 6:8-12

Today is another histrionically day in the entire world. It is a day called Boxing Day, meaning giving gifts to beloved ones. It is a day for everyone to exchange gift with one another and enjoying the goodness therein. But it has turn to another thing when enemies use it to give evil gifts to people.

Ezekiel 22:12

Many destiny had been aborted while many glory have been destroyed without remedy. It is a pity that many ladies and young brothers have lost their future and glory as a result of evil gifts they collected ignorancely. Many souls have been cage and under frustration of the enemies as a result of the evil gifts. Numerous people offer gifts to people just to harm and endanger them. Many do so just to manipulate and afflict people with sickness. 

Collecting gifts without knowing the source is dangerous and it call lead to terminating of good things. I urge you to stop collecting gifts without proper verification. A gift you collected today may become a snare for you tomorrow, be careful.

Prayers Bombs:

1. Father I thank you for given me another grace to know You and know the secret things that is affecting my life 

2. Every power and forces of wickedness boxing against my life,  I render you useless by fire in the name of Jesus 

3. I am free from the power of evil gifts that tied my down in the name of Jesus 

4. Father deliver me from the covenant of evil gifts that cage my destiny in the name of Jesus 

5. As from today I am deliver from the prison of evil gifts in the name of Jesus 

6. I recover all good things that the evil gift have took away from me in the name of Jesus 

7. Every gathering of wickedness in this Boxing Day that planned to kill or kidnapped me,  you are a liar die by fire in the name of Jesus 

8. Father I am your child never allow the forces of wickedness war against me in the name of Jesus 

9. I will not collect any evil gifts in this Boxing Day in the name of Jesus 

10. Every agenda planned to overthrow me from the position of greatness that God has destined for, I commanded you to scattered by fire in the name of Jesus 

11. Evil gifts of sudden death and sickness, I'm not your candidate, scattered and die by fire in the name of Jesus 

12. Every evil gifts in my life, house, work or business catch fire in the name of Jesus

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