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Deliverance from Power and Forces of Carryover

Text: Luke 8:43-49

Topic: NO CARRYOVER - Deliverance from Carryover 

Carryover is not a new language to students and scholars. Any student that fail any subject or course in the institution is already has a carryover.

Carryover simply means the course or subject you fail in this year academic will be rollover to the next academic year. It is a language of repeating the same thing one do last year. 

Numerous people are candidate of carryover. The bad or negative things that occurred in the previous years is occurring in the present year and such is waiting to occur to them in the next year. That is why today prayer bombs is a means to deal with such carryover. 

Gradually,  Year 2018 is coming to end, many people could not achieve great things and they are comfortable with it. Failure, disappointment and sadness remain order of day for many people. The same predicaments that has been faced these people have not been deal with. 

Beloved,  you are about to cross over to another year,  mind you, you shouldn't cross over with failure,  sadness,  sorrows, disappointment, singles,  barrenness, lacking,  poverty,  sickness, etc. 

The woman in our text had been carryover issues of blood for 12 years,  but she got healed when she met the great physician that can terminate the power of carryover. 

Dear, your carryover can only be terminated when you have cordial relationship with Jesus Christ. Your walking with Him will guarantee the termination of any evil carryover attached with your destiny. As you are celebrating Christmas and crossing over to the new year,  be determined to walk and abide in Jesus Christ.  Obey Him and allow Him to lead and guide you in all things. Surrender your total life to Him. He is able to end all your predicaments and cause you to smile and laugh. 

Prayer Bombs:

1. Father, in your mercy terminate every forces and power that is fueling evil into my life in the name of Jesus 

2. The agenda and foundation of evil carryover in my life your time is over,  scattered by fire in the name of Jesus 

3. Carryover of failure,  sickness,  sadness,  dissapointed, divorce,  singleness, poverty, etc you are a liar die by fire in the name of Jesus 

4. As I'm crossing over to the new year 2019, I'm crossing over with joy,  happiness,  financial breakthrough unlimited,  promotion in good things, success,  blessings and divine protection in the name of Jesus

5. All the agenda of crossing over with evil, your time is up die and scattered by thunder in the name of Jesus 

6. I posses the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ and I crossover with it in the name of Jesus 

7. Every propergandal of evil against my life you a liar scattered by fire in the name of Jesus 

8. I will experience unlimited success in the year 2019 in the name of Jesus 

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