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Text: Matthew 2:1-10

It is not a new news seen people around the world celebrate the birth of the Saviour of the entire world. During His birth different people took different part,  for instance,  some people are wise while others are foolish. The wise men took the right steps while the foolish took the wrong steps planned and found means to kill Him. 

The wise men discovered the Star of Jesus, they seek Him,  Worship Him,  and presented gifts to Him. 

How do you suppose the myth that the wise men were at the manger got started Why is it meaningful that they brought very expensive gifts to Jesus?

The Bible says: "On coming to the house, they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh."
Matthew 2:11

If we were to ask people who aren’t familiar with the Bible who came to visit Jesus during His birth,  many will say 3 wise men, however it is not mention if they were 3  but they presented Him 3 different gifts. 
And as long as we’re talking about myths, we should point out that there weren’t necessarily three wise men. The wise men, or Magi, brought three gifts to Jesus, but that doesn’t mean there were three givers.

What we do know is that the Magi were kings from the East. They saw a star, realized it meant that the King of kings had been born, and followed it to Jesus’ house. There they presented him with gold, incense and myrrh.

The fact that kings from a distant land knew who Jesus was and where he could be found shows us that God’s hand was at work in every part of the Christmas story. For that, we can praise him. 

As you are celebrating this year Christmas, God your Creator is expecting you to discover Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour. John 3:16-18

He want you to search for Him in the Holy Bible and you will surely found Him. Matthew 2:1, 1 Chronicles 16:11

It is necessary for you to worship Him with your total heart, mind body and soul as the wise men did. Mathew 2:11

God is expecting you to present Him gifts as the wise did by then. The best gift you can give Jesus is your heart. Surrender your life unto Him now and you will surely seen and enjoying unlimited joy. Matthew 2:11

And obey Him till end - Matthew 2:12


1. Dear God, on this Christmas Day, I thank you for the evidence in your Word that supports my faith.

2. You are the truth, and we put our belief in you grant us your mercy and the spirit to obey you in the name of Jesus.

3. Father fill me with your joy and happiness in Jesus name Amen 

4. Father destroying all the destroyers that plan to destroy my star in the name of Jesus 

5. Father open my heart to see and know you more in the name of Jesus 

6. Father  give me strength and courage to serve you more than before in the name of Jesus

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