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1.       I pray that, every load of failure, sickness, hatred, disappointed, bareness, and sadness that work, walk and war with you in this year 2017 shall be offloaded by the fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus.

2.       As you are ending this year 2017, every forces and curses of family generations that is working against your promotion, greatness, success, blessing, fruitfulness, business, and marriage shall receive thunder of God and destruction in the name of Jesus

3.       In the remain hours to end this year 2017, all your benefits that had been cage by the enemies shall comes out by fire and be your portion in the name of Jesus

4.       The Mighty God that make this year 2017 started with day one of January and make the year coming to end in the next 24 hours, the same GOD will buried all your sadness, failure, barrenness, sickness, affliction, and sorrow within 23 hours in the name of Jesus

5.       That Goliath that stand against you in this year 2017, shall died and buried before you cross-over to year 2018 in the name of Jesus

6.       That glorious things that you desire to have in  this 2017, I pray that you will surely get it before you cross-over to 2018 by the mercy of God in the name of Jesus

7.       As you are end this year 2017, God will open multiple door of blessing for you in year 2018.

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