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Bible Reading: John 3:1-18

It is never too late to start life again. No matter how many bad things you have done, you can put those bad things behind you and make a fresh start. Nicodemus did not understand how a man could be born again when he is old. However, Jesus revealed it to him.

Today, people still have a hard time understanding what Jesus meant by the new birth. Jesus meant that all our past sins can be forgiven. All your past mistakes and failures can be buried and forgotten. The guilt of your past life can be taken away. You can be born again spiritually and start life over. You can be set free from the power of sin, sickness and infirmities.

When does this happen?

The new birth happens when a person is buried with Jesus in baptism. A person opens his or her heart to the Spirit, believes that Jesus is the Son of God, turns away from sin, allows the old sinful person to be buried in water, and rises up to begin a new life of purity and goodness. In this manner, you can put the past behind and start again.

Your past failure can be turn to success. Your present sickness can be heal and get sound health throughout your lifetime. Your sorrow can change to success and experience uncommon joy. Whatever the situation you are passing through, Jesus can terminate it and give you uncommon testimony. Never give up!

The Bible is the Word of God. The Bible is not a book of fairy tales. It is a book of truth. It is the written word of God! Clam it! Believe it! And obey it!


1.  Father, wash me clean with the Blood of Jesus Christ

2.  Father erases every evil mark of failure attached to my life in the name of Jesus.

3.  Every door of success that has been closed against me, I commanded you to be open in the name of Jesus.

4.  Every plan and purpose of the enemy against my journey this month, I scatter and destroy the by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

5.  All strange eyes monitoring my life for evil, receive permanent blindness in the name of Jesus

6.  Holy Spirit, fill my life with your fresh fire in Jesus name.

7.  Any strange legs operating in my finances, marriage and ministry receive instant paralysis and wither now in the name of Jesus.

8.   I destroy by fire every demonic network working against my life in Jesus name.

9.  In this month of September, I will prosper and become hero of my generation in the name of Jesus

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