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Bible Reading: MATTHEW 2:13-23

God makes it possible for Herod to die so that Jesus can fulfill his purpose on earth. There are some agents, power, things, even men and women that must die before you can enjoy your life in fullness. Some people are to dethrone or overthrow before you can be install as the king you’ve destined for. Today’s prayer is continuation of yesterday prayers.


(1)              All the power that gives me no room to fulfill my desire destiny be destroy and die in Jesus name.

(2)              Herod was a king to a particular kingdom, and when he died, his kingdom die; all the branches of evil kingdom that disallow me to reign as king of my generation, cut them and destroy them in Jesus name.

(3)              All the power that are makes people to be install as king in darkness world which done so that I cannot be the king in physical world, O lord, scattered them with thunder of God in Jesus name.

(4)              It is written, that it is appointed for a man to die once, so all people that be a leader of any evil groups, society that reign and approve it in their kingdom that I will not be in the position that God has program for me, die today in Jesus name.

(5)              What ever the power, authority or position any man may have that determine to kill me, kill my children, kill my wife or husband so that we will not be where God wants us to be, such people should die today in the name of Jesus.

(6)              Herod ordered to killed all the children of 2 years old and under because of Jesus, any man or woman, group or society that give any order that contradict the success of my children, today let him/her die in Jesus name.

(7)              Whosoever that determines to touch my children with evil hands, tools or speech, such person shall not witness the next 24 hours in Jesus name.
(8)              All the certificate of death that has been issue in the kingdom of darkness against me, my wife/husband, children, business, cars or house, O Lord, burn them to ashes with Holy Ghost fire.

(9)              Anybody that called him/herself a mighty or powerful and he/she sit in my position in darkness world, Host of Heaven removes him or her today with Holy Ghost fire.

(10)          All the generation of those who are planning failure, evil, barrenness, debt for me and my family, let their evil fall upon their generation without remedy in Jesus name.

(11)          Any plot to take away what belongs to me or inheritance with sudden death, Father in the name of Jesus, frustrates it today.

(12)          Every wall of Herod that has been mantle between me and my throne, Holy Ghost fire pull them down without remedy in Jesus name.

(13)          All the agents of darkness that had been kissed me in the dream, thunder of God, expose them in Jesus name.

(14)          Every serpent attacked me in the dream, physically or mentally, die with Holy Ghost fire.
(15)          The entire oracles against me, my ministry, my wife/husband, children, visa, admission letter, or appointment letter, break to piece with Holy Ghost fire.

(16)          All the masquerade send from my parental house assigned to afflict me, die by thunder of God in Jesus name.

(17)          All the mermaid spirit, familiar spirit, mummy water spirit, foul spirit, ancestral spirit, etc. assigned to monitor me, today, today, Holy Ghost fire chase them away in my dominion in Jesus name.

(18)          All the demons of sun, moon, stars, day, night, morning, afternoon or evening that are assigned to afflict me, you are a liar, today catch fire and light of God in Jesus name.

(19)          Any creatures that use cat voice, snake voice, dog voice, goat voice, fowl voice, bird’s voice, rat voice, or human voice to proclaim evil against me, today is your last day, die with Holy Ghost fire.

(20)          Every initiation that lure me into debt, sickness, destruction, failure, barrenness, poverty or stagnant, your power on me is destroy with the Blood of Jesus Christ.
(21)          In the name of Jesus Christ with Holy Ghost fire, I come against the spirit of death and hell over my life, children, wife/husband, family, staffs this year.

(22)          Hamman died by his gallows (Esther 7:10) so that Mordecai can be on the throne, all the Hamman that stood to take away my glorious position this year will died by the weapons they plan to afflict my with in Jesus name.

(23)          Saul used his sword to kill himself so that David can be on the throne; the entire sword that my enemies plan to use against me this year God will cause them to use it against themselves in Jesus name. 1 Samuel 31:4-5

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