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Re-Write Your Destiny Now

Re-Write Your Destiny

Do you ever think to yourself and ask the reasons why things go worst like this? Have you ever wonder why nothing is going the way you planned or though it would go? Profitless, unfruitful and failure continue to stimulate your business and daily work? It is true that money is tight and you are far from living in abundance that you dream about! No sleep, no rest of mind and no peace are order of the day! Desperate thoughts enter your mind and negative thoughts are embed in your heart?  You do not know how to turn things around for positive means?

The more you think about your bad situation the more worse you get? The people around you have turned back from you – instead to assist you, they are resisting you from achieving your dreams and goals. No good news and testimony ever recorded on your name for the past years in your place of work and matrimonial home?

Beloved, there is GOOD NEWS for you. If I say good news, yes I meant GOOD NEWS! Mind you, your success comes from your inner alignment! Your success and breakthrough comes with the right step you take as from this moment. You can re-write your destiny and get access to the keys that will open uncommon door for your abundance and lives meaningful life that will glorify your Creator.

You can start RE-WRITE your destiny be connecting with your Creator through His Begotten Son - Jesus Christ. Come to Him now, confess your sins, accept Him as personal Lord and Saviour. Matthew 11:28-19

1.         Holy Ghost, provoke divine dreams in my life and cause my destiny to revive in Jesus’ name.
2.         Every power grounding my destiny be grinded to powder by the power of God in Jesus’ name.
3.         My destiny, dreams and visions will not be manipulated against my life in Jesus’ name.
4.         Every altar of destiny diversion be roasted by fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus.
5.         All my destiny promoting dreams, hear the word of the LORD: Arise and locate me now in the name of Jesus
6.         Every destiny demoting dream, go back to your sender in the name of Jesus.
7.         I refuse to carry the evil load of my ancestors in the mighty name of Jesus.
8.         O LORD, let the enemies of destiny experience disaster that will scatter them in the name of Jesus.
9.         Every serpent and scorpion programmed against my destiny through dream I commanded you to be swallowed by the serpents of the LORD in Jesus’ name.
10.       I terminate every dream terminator and destiny destroyers in the name of Jesus.
11.        Every problem in my life that originated from the dream, receive divine solution by fire in the name of Jesus.
12.       Let the resurrection power of our Lord Jesus Christ fall upon my dream life in the name of Jesus.
13.       O LORD, stir up your divine deposits within me in Jesus’ name.
14.       I re-write me destiny with the Blood of Jesus

15.       I deposit and cover my destiny with the Blood of Jesus

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