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I Kings 1:11.    Nathan visited Bathsheba, he exposed all the evil plans and how to overcome the plan to Bathsheba.

(1)              O Lord my God, allows sudden death to overtake the plan and those that plan to victimize my life in Jesus name.

(2)              In God’s capacity, I declare God’s opportunity over my life in Jesus name.

(3)      In the Jesus name, God of all judges, judge all my enemies today in your wrath.

(4)      O Lord, expose all my enemies to the hand of sudden death today in the mighty name of Jesus.

(5)      Every step my enemies take because of me let it be unto destruction for them in Jesus name.

(6)      All the account and planned of the enemy against me let it be exposed without remedy in the Jesus name.

I Kings 1:13.    Nathan advised Bathsheba to go to King David in order to remember him the promises that he makes for Solomon to be the king after him. There are many promises that people like your brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, even your parent or husband have promised you, but when they make promises, they forget or to fulfill it will be difficult. If you are in such situation, I congratulate you, because today is the end of such situation in your life. At times your brother that promised you only need his wife to remember him the promised.

(7)        O Lord my God, those that will motivate or remember the people that have promised me of one good thing or the other, cause them to remember it today in the Jesus name.

(8)      O God, use the wife of the man that have promised me about capital to establish my business to do it without delaying in the Jesus name.

(9)      Anything that will happen to make those that promised to help or assist me achieve my dreams let it happen this week in Jesus name.

(10)    In the name of Jesus, open the book of remembrance before my helper so that they can remember to help me today.

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