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Bible Reading: Psalms 19 and Psalms 35
If you look at the modern day disasters around the world, you will discover that they were all manmade disasters. Killings and kidnapping of man and woman are man tricks and deeds to get money. Bombing and destroying lives and properties happening around the world are engineered by men and women. Stealing and robbery in our society on daily basis are practices and works of human beings not by animals. Road accidents and hijacking of aircrafts are evil deeds and fueling by man. Assassinating and murdering of people is evil works that carried out by human beings.
Moreover, human beings cannot be run away from, because every person in this world has to relate or share one thing or the other with man and woman on daily basis. In our working places we have to have interactions and relating with people. In the markets and schools, one has to relate with others human beings. In the place of worship, man and woman has to relate and fellowship together in order to carry out their religious practices. To be sincere with you, there are no way you lives without relating with man and woman on daily basis. Yet, man and woman are the major enemies of everyone.
Biblical Facts about Man – Human Beings:
ü  It was a man that killed Abel who wake up in the morning and have hope to comes back home in the evening, but he was killed by his brother who deceived him – Genesis 4:8
ü  It was a man that raped Dinah. The lady Dinah has it in mind to remain virgin till her day of wedding, but suddenly, one day she find herself under the wicked man that destroyed her virginity and render her useless – Genesis 34:1-2
ü  It was a man who killed Uriah. Uriah was the first man that was given his letter of death and delivered it to the man that arranged to kill him without knowing that the letter in his hand was the letter of his sudden death.
ü  It was a woman that plan to steal and kill Joseph’s Destiny with sex – Genesis 39:6-12
ü  It was woman that handover Samson to his enemies – Judges 16:4-21
ü  It was men that rose against Nehemiah – so that he will not finish the expansion and rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem – Nehemiah 4:1-5, 6:1-5
ü  It was a man that sold and handed over Jesus Christ to His enemies – Luke 22:1-6, 47-48
ü  It was men that sold Joseph as a slave to the foreign land and they lied to his father that Joseph had died. Genesis 37:26-28
ü  It was a man that set the field of Joab to fire and destroyed everything in the field which Joab thought to become somebody through the things planted in the field, but eventually his desire become abortive through man.
ü  It was men that rise against Daniel, and his friends because of their faithfulness and righteousness. Daniel 3:8-15
ü  Tamar was also raped by man and lost her virginity – 2 Samuel 13:1-ff
ü  It was a man that installed himself as king in a position that belong to Solomon – 1 Kings 1:1-ff
ü  It was a woman that killed Nabot and took his land without fulfilling his time on earth.
ü  It was a man that sought for David’s life and decided to kill him for many years. King Saul is the man
ü  It was men that decided to built tower that can reach heaven in order to be like God and dwelling on the throne of God – Genesis 11:1-ff
ü  With your present situation or condition either good or bad, there is hand of man or woman in it. Think it deeply!
ü  You need man and woman to fulfill your purpose. There is no doubt that, before you can fulfill your purpose in life, in order to succeed in that your business and handiwork, you must over power the man around you.
ü  You need man or woman in order to be enlarged. Jesus appointed, anointed and commissioned men to continue His assignment on earth – Matthew 28:18-20. You cannot enlarge by doing it alone.
Three set of People You Must Overpower
There are set of people you must overcome in order to reign as king, they are:
1.       The people higher than you
2.      The people that are in the same level with you
3.      The people who are lower than you
The people higher than you
The people higher than you are the people see you as their enemies. They are the men and women that will not want you to reach their level. They are the people that see their position as the place that belong to them only. They see your coming to their level as obstacles and abomination. They are the people that can use their position to pull you down, use their power to keep you away from coming to their level.
The People that are in the same level with you
These are the people that will and desire you to be with them forever. They see you as person that should not leave them, because leaving them is a disaster for them. They are the people that want you to do things as they do even worse than their own. They see you as companion and there is no need for you to leave their level. They are the men and women that can use their relationship with you to block and hinder you from going to the next level in life. They see you as their mate, and going to another level is an abomination to them.  As long as you are dwelling in their level you have no problem, but as soon as you take a step of leaving them and go higher, you become their enemy and they will rise against you and use everything in their position to attack you.
People who are lower than you
They are people that see you as boss on them, any step or action you take they seen it as means of stopping them to progress. They were men and women that can use their hand to pull you down from any level you are. They are the people that aspire to come to the level you are. They are ready to use everything and any means to get to where you are. They see you as a wicked person that uses his legs to press them down.
Prayer Bombs for Today
1.       In the name of Jesus, I refuse to be discourage by environment discouragers in the name of Jesus
2.       I bind the spirit of environmental discouragement in my life and marriage, in the name of Jesus.
3.      Father, deliver from the wicked men in the name of Jesus
4.      In your gracious mercy, deliver my business from the hands of the wicked in the name of Jesus
5.      I break every evil environmental covenant that has brought discourage into my life, in the name of Jesus.
6.      I command every environment terror of the night that has brought discourage into my life to stop and move from my environment, in the name of Jesus.
7.      You spirit of environment that cause fear and discouragement, lose your hold upon my life and my family, in the name of Jesus.
8.     Father, swallow all the evil voices spoken against my destiny in the name of Jesus
9.      I command all human agents around my house, place of work, business, school or ministry using the spirits of fear and discouragement to terrify me in the night to stumble and fall by fire, in the name of Jesus.
10.  The fear and terror of the unbelievers and the wicked people residing in my environment shall not be my lot, in the name of Jesus.
11.   My tomorrow is blessed in Christ Jesus, therefore, you environmental spirit that is responsible for the fear and discourage of tomorrow in my life, I bind you, in the name of Jesus.
12.  My destiny is attached to God, therefore I decree that I can never fail and be discouraged by my environment or any agents working in my environment, in the name of Jesus.
13.  Father, any environmental bondage that I am subjecting myself to by the spirit of discouragement I break you, in the name of Jesus.
14.  Every connection from the pity of hell that connected with my environment in order to hinder me from success and breakthrough, you are a liar, scatter by thunder of God in Jesus name
15.   Father connect me with my divine helpers in the name of Jesus

16.  Father I cannot do it alone, those that you have destiny to be my vision supporters, Father, connected them with me and me with them in the name of Jesus

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