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Bible Reading - Psalms 109:26-27

One of the glorious things that Christian needs to accomplish his divine enlargement is divine help according to God’s mercy.

Help is defined as “to make it possible or easier for someone to do something” “to give or provide what is necessary to accomplish task or satisfy a need; contribute strength; render assistance to; cooperate effectively with; aid; assist”

Mercy is defined as Compassion for the miserable. Its object is misery.

Five Important Factors of Divine Help According To God’s Mercy

1.       Anything that comes from God is appointed and approved
2.      Anything from God is original and dependable
3.      Anything from God is appreciable – Ephesians 2:4
4.      Divine help can sustain you and your generations to come - Luke 1:50
5.      It is supernatural and others can obtain mercy through your mercy – Romans 11:31-32

Five Reasons Why You Need Divine Help According to God’s Mercy
1.       It is unlimited help – no limit to gender, race, colour, tribe, nation, or language. Not limit to a particular time. It can happen in the morning, or night, etc.
2.      It is help without condition – if man desire to help you, he will give you condition that attached to it. If possible you may not meet or have qualification for such condition. But God’s help is NOT so.
3.      Divine Help is forever – Psalms 136, Luke 1:50
4.      It is help without barriers – no voice, or forces or congregation or crowds or powers or man can stop the help of God – Mark 10:46-49
5.      It is help that end impossibility
6.      Divine help is the only help that useless man’s help

Five Ways You Can Position Yourself for Divine Help According to God’s Mercy
1.       Repent all your sins and ask for mercy
2.      Put off the hindrances – Mark 10: 50
3.      Cry for it – Everybody that asked for mercy in the Bible were cry for it. Matthew 15:22, 17:15, 20:30-31, Mark 10:47-48, Luke 17:13, 18:38. Don’t stop until you receive it in fullness.
4.      Show mercy to others – if you show mercy you will receive mercy –Matthew 5:7
5.      Always fear God – Luke 1:50
Finally, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16
Prayer Bombs for Today
1.       Father have mercy upon me in the name of Jesus
2.      Father, I’m your son, decorate me with your mercy in the name of Jesus
3.      Father, any where I go, let your mercy speaks for me in the name of Jesus
4.      As from today henceforth, I walk and work in the realm and fullness of God’s help and mercy in the name of Jesus
5.      Help according to God’s mercy is my portion in the name of Jesus
6.      Father let the door of your help open for me and my family in the name of Jesus
7.      Father, connected me with my helpers according to your mercy in the name of Jesus
8.     Father, fill me with the spirit of mercy in the name of Jesus
9.      Father, in your mercy destroy every demonic chains that tied my glory in the name of Jesus
10.  Father, I’m crying unto you, arise and take me out of this distress in the name of Jesus
11.   Father, let your mercy locate my destiny and empower it for glorification in the name of Jesus
12.  Father restore back every good things that my sins have chase away from me in the name of Jesus

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