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Bible Reading: Matthew 25:14-30
This year is your year of enlargement; however you may face opposition from others as you are pressing to enlarge. A pastor said: “Enlargement means more responsibility and anyone who has been found unfaithful in his or her present level cannot move to the next level. In the school of God, no one is promoted on trial!”

The following are the enemies of enlargement and expansion:  

Fear Of Failure: Matthew 25:14-30
Fear of failure is a killer of enlargement. For instance the unfaithful steward in Matthew 25:14-30 feared failure, so he did not even try to use what he had been given by his master. The only time you ever really fail is when you stop trying. Thomas Edison, a great inventor in the United States, tried hundreds of methods which failed before he invented electricity. But Mr. Edison went on to become a great success because He did not stop trying. Eventually, he discovered electricity. The Biblical record is filled with stories of great men and women of God who failed, but went on to become successful for God because they did not stop trying. Actually, when you fail to enlarge, you are enlarge in failure.

Fear of the Cost
There is no crown without cross and cost. Fear of the cost has made many to remain the same and not expand. They see it as waste of resources and time.

Ignorance is another enemy of enlargement. Some people do not have thought of enlargement, and since they did not have such thought, they do not plan or ready to be enlarge. Hosea 6:4

Lack Of Purpose:
When people do not understand God's purpose and their specific purpose within God's plan, it is difficult to plan for enlargement. You must first know your purpose if you are to make plans to enlarge it. As a child of God, you should learn of the great purpose of God and your specific purpose in His plan.  When you understand these, you will be able to communicate them to others and help them recognize their part in God's plan.

Belief That Enlargement Is Not For Everybody:
Some people  believe enlargement is not Biblical. But the Biblical record is filled with men and women who enlarged under the direction of God. Our God is a God of purpose and enlargement. He has enlarged individuals, nations, Israel, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Church in His plan. His purpose was established from the beginning of time, and He is still working out His plan in the world today. Without enlarging you, God has NOT fulfill His plan and purpose for you.

Belief That It Hinders The Holy Spirit:
Some people believe enlargement of their business, ministry, marriage, or organization hinder the freedom of the Holy Spirit. This is not true.  On the Day of Pentecost, the enlargement started with believers with the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the believers – Acts 2:1-ff

Slothfulness: Proverbs 24:30-34
Some people do not enlarge because they are slothful. Slothfulness is unconcern and laziness. It does not bring forth spiritual enlargement.

Anytime you try to do anything different, you will encounter opposition of those bound in tradition. They do not want to change. They have done things a certain way for many years and it has become a tradition.

Fear Of The Future: Jeremiah 29:11 (The Living Bible) 
Enlargement deals with your present and with your future.  Some people fear the future and do not like to think about it or plan for it, therefore they are fear to take step of enlargement.  But you do not have to fear because God controls the future. He already knows the plans He has for you.

Forces of Darkness
Nehemiah has a vision, passion and desire to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, but the enemies rose against him within and without. He did not allow them to stop him, but is some cases, people allow such antagonists to stop them.

Sin - Prov. 28:13
Sin will hinder a man from experiencing enlargement unless it is repented of, confessed and forsaken (sin must not to be covered). You must be willing and obedient in order to enter into divine enlargement. Disobedience to God’s word carries a curse and no one can make it under a curse (Deut. 28:15-68). To be cursed is to be empowered to fail.
Are you faithful at your present level? There is no enlargement by God for an unfaithful person. Pick up your assignments again and step up your faithfulness for divine trust. Beloved, you must conquer all the above factors in order to be enlarging!
Prayer Bombs For Today
1.       Father deliver me from the forces that can hinder my expansion this year in the name of Jesus
2.      Father, I confront all the barriers of my enlargement with thunder of God in the name of Jesus
3.      The spirit of fear of the future, hear the word of God get out of me by fire in the name of Jesus
4.      Father, destroy every road-map of the enemies against my expansion in the name of Jesus
5.      Father, remove demonic umbrella that covers my vision with your thunder in the name of Jesus
6.      Every forces assigned from the pity of hell to stop my expansion, you are a liar scatter by fire of God in the name of Jesus
7.      Father, empower with your strength and conquer all the enemies of my enlargement in the name of Jesus
8.     Father, I fill all the pit of failure that digged by the enemies against my expansion with their blood in the name of Jesus
9.      As from today henceforth, Father make my destiny a free zone for the enemies in the name of Jesus

10.  Father enlarge my marriage in your mercy

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