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Bible Reading: Genesis 41:14-57
The Reality of Recession:
ü  Revelation before recession – Genesis 41:25, 42:8-9
ü  Recession has expire date – Genesis 41:30-31
ü  Recession is known by God and it can only end by divine solution – Genesis 41:32
ü  Recession has solution –
God’s part – Genesis 41:16
Man’s part – Genesis 41:33-36
ü  Reservation is the key factors that end recession – Genesis 41:35-36

What Can We Do During Recession?
ü  Take God as number one priority –Genesis 43:14, 23
ü  Direct your life by the Spirit of God before, during and after recession – Genesis 41:38, 54
ü  Provide solution for people’s problem – Genesis 41:33-37
ü  The gifts of God in you is the open door to idea needed during recession – Genesis 41:44
ü  Package your idea –Genesis 41:51
ü  Be honest with yourself and people around you – Genesis 43:11-13
ü  Appreciate your clients and customers – Joseph father appreciate Joseph with his gifts – Genesis 43:11

The Outcome of Your Idea
ü  Idea make you fruitful in the land of affliction – Genesis 41:52
ü  Your idea will not only safe you from recession but safe your family, nation and entire world – Genesis 42:1-2
ü  Your idea make you rule your world
ü  People will look for you from your territory and beyond – Genesis 43:10
ü  Enlarge you during recession

Prayer Bombs for Today
1.          Father open my spiritual eyes to behold the spiritual solution to my immediate financial challenges in the name of Jesus
2.         Father, let heaven of divine idea for the solution to this present problem open unto me in the name of Jesus
3.         Father give me understanding and wisdom to excel during recession in the name of Jesus
4.         I break the curse of automatic failure working in any department of my life in the name of Jesus.
5.         Let the anointing to excel and prosper fall mightily upon every department of my life in Jesus name.
6.         Let every anti- progress altar fashioned against me be destroyed with the fire of God in Jesus name.
7.         I withdraw my profits, benefits and success from the hands of the oppressors in the name of Jesus.
8.        Let every power chasing blessings away from me be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.
9.         Let the enemy begin to vomit every good thing they have eaten up in my business and work in the name of Jesus.
10.     O Lord, give me power to overcome every obstacle to my financial breakthroughs during and after recession in the name of Jesus.
11.      I break all curses of leaking blessings out of my life in the name of Jesus.
12.     I clear my goods from the warehouse of the strongman in the name of Jesus.

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