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Understanding the Time

Understanding The Time
Bible Reading: Proverbs 10:1-10
If you have not mastered the basic seasons, how can you master the advanced and special seasons
If you do not understand the basic seasons, how can you understand the advanced and special times
Pro 10:5 ISV Whoever harvests during summer acts wisely, but the son who sleeps during harvest is disgraceful.
1Ch 12:32 ISV The tribe of Issachar supplied 200 leaders, along with all of their relatives under their command. They kept up-to-date in their understanding of the times and knew what Israel should do.
Here are the types of seasons or times from basic to advanced:
Basic seasons:
You need the understanding of the day time for work and night time for sleep as well as six days of work and one day of rest in a week. Basic seasons include daily and weekly activities.
Intermediate seasons:
You also need to understand that during summer there are longer days than night so that presents an opportunity for more work. At this level, you understand yearly cycles.
Advanced seasons:
There are special seasons not necessarily aligned with the basic divisions of time (hour, day, week, month, year) as in the above. And this calls for wisdom, discernment and understanding. Examples are:
Political times just like in 1Ch 12:32
Economic cycles
Understanding when to buy and when to sell is very important.
Advancement of technologies and the proper time for a product to be introduced
There are so many inventions that were ahead of their times and the inventors did not benefit much.
Learning cycles
Learning is a life time thing. And sometimes it is time to drop obsolete knowledge and learn a new one to be very competitive.
Sowing and reaping cycles
Eternity Season:
The last but not the least seasons is ETERNITY SEASON- TIME. Eternity is forever and everyone is mandatory to have this season it is the longest season for everyone that born into this world.

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