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BIBLE READING: Prov 6:20-21 KJV My son, keep thy father's commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother: Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck.
If you guard God's word, God's word will guard you.
Bind God's word continually upon your heart so that your heart will always be with God's word.
Meditate on God's word always and meditate things with God's word always. The neck in the Hebrew, gargeroth, literally means throat (as used in rumination), though always used figuratively according to BDB. Rumination means chewing the cud, and figuratively means meditation, pondering, thinking and thinking again, or reflection.
The most common interpretation of binding around your neck is for display or ornament. But it really does not make sense for it does not relate to keeping or not forgetting it. You do not see your own necklace, do you? If it is a bracelet, you can see it if you look at your hand. But a necklace can only be seen in a mirror or if it is quite long. A necklace is rather a display for other people to see. But something always in front of you you will always see.
But if your throat is bound to God's word, God's word acts as a guard and filters what enters and what leaves. What enters your heart goes first into the rumination process. Your throat tissues will be made of God's word if you eat a lot of God's word. So the most important step is to meditate God's word always.
Next, everything that you meditate must be meditated against God's word, chew everything with God's word. Everything that is not permissible, spew out. Principles, wisdom, knowledge, understanding that you are taking in must be godly.
Finally, your words and even your actions must be checked against the word of God so that you will not commit sin.
1. Father forgive me all my sins of failure to mediate in your words.
2. Father, enrich me with your words in the name of Jesus
3. Father, fill my heart with your understanding in the name of Jesus
4. Father reveal who I am to me in your words
5. Father, as I am going out today, guide me with your words in the name of Jesus
6. Father, increase my knowledge through your words in the name of Jesus

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