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Bible Reading: 1Samuel 16:1-ff
The number 8 child in the family of Jesse is David. He was in the desert when God sent Samuel to anointed him. David became the great king in the history of Israel. He was the king that God see as man of His heart.
We are in the 8th month in year 2016. This month, God will reposition you to become great in your life. This month, God will reposition your life, business, marriage, work, job, ministry, etc.
Moreover, you must always seek God wholeheartedly, follow Him with faithfulness, and obey Him all the times.
Prayer Bombs
1. Father reposition me with your mercy in the name of Jesus
2. Father, visit me with uncommon breakthrough in this month of August in the name of Jesus
3. Father bring me out of mess and cause my life to experience uncommon fruitfulness in the name of Jesus
4. Every gardener of darkness that is monitoring my life, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus
5. Father locate me with sufficient financial breakthrough in the name of Jesus
6. Father destroy every power that is war against my destiny in the name of Jesus

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