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Bible Reading: Genesis 39:1-20

GOD principles remain the same and He will not and never change it because He is unchanging God that can change situation.

In Genesis 39, People see Joseph as mumu and yeye boy when he refused to have sex with his master wife. But when God glorified him, they bowl down for him and worshiped him with honour and respect.

Righteousness exalt a nation - you are a nation, your righteousness will soon exalt you to greatness where people we run after you for solution. Prov 14:34

Daniel and his friends are righteous with God, the people mucked them and kept them in furnace of fire because they disobeys earthly king but obey the King of kings and Lord of lords.

But the God that they obeyed in fullness of heart protected them, saved them and glorified Himself in their lives. And they were promoted to the higher position in the strange land.

We are in generation and time when righteousness is becoming doom, and holiness is scarce. Meanwhile, these should not stop or hinder the children of God to promote, preach and practice holiness and righteousness in fullness.

Nothing should separate us from the principles of God in all things. Romans 8 vs 35

Keep on right with the living and only God that owns the keys to all solutions.

Keep living in holiness and allow your faithfulness to shine and show more than before, surely God will search for you and pick you up and announce you for uncommon testimony.

Depart from evil association like kidnappers, murderers, corrupt people and evil practices. 1Cor.15 vs 33

God bless you and He will promote you in Jesus name.


1. Father empower me with the Spirit of holiness and righteous living in the name of Jesus

2. Father, separate me from every association that will not profit and glorify You in my life in the name of Jesus

3. The Spirit and power that shun and run from sining, Father endow me today in the name of Jesus

4. FATHER, wash and cleanse me from every sinful acts that hindering me to progress in the way and path of GOD in the name of Jesus

5. Father, beautify and clothe me with the righteousness and holiness in the name of Jesus

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