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What make a different

Two best friends graduated from the same school. In every way they seemed identical. Many even thought they were brothers.

Came from similar families. The same small town. And even went into the same career.

But at their high school reunion 5 years later, one had become the CEO of a major corporation and the other was working an administrative desk job.

What made the difference?

Cynics would say it was contacts. Some say it is luck.

But those who attain success and keep it, would say different. It isn't always native intelligence or talent. There are many intelligent and talented people who are broke and miserable.

The difference lies in the mindset.

In today's world we have access to the same information. The same knowledge. It is what we decide to do with that knowledge that creates the difference in our lives. No matter where you are in life, no matter what
circumstance, people have proven, time and time again, that massive wealth can be achieved if they have the mindset to achieve it.

Live in abundance,
Winter Vee,

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