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Bible Reading: Psalms 136

There is no doubt that the first month in this year has expired and gone. We are now in the second month. As you started this month, the word of God to you is that you should let HIM ALONE do it for you. Whatever you want to become or your desire in this month and this year, you can only achieve them through HIM ALONE.

Our GOD is the Almighty Father that has everything to do all things. His power is enough to settle your case and put smile to your face. His name ALONE you need to bury all your oppositions. His miracles ALONE is enough for you to experience uncommon testimonies and to swallow others miracles and wonders that had been happen.

In HIM ALONE you have protection that no one can give you. His protection is uncommon and costless. He gives unlimited and unfading protections. He ALONE provides original and unlimited security. As HE can secure your life and properties from terrorists so also at the same time HE can safeguard your life and properties from the storm, wind, fire and thieves.  As He safeguards our lives and family from the sickness so also HE secures us from the motor accident, airplane crash and ship or boats be submerged. His security is pure and sure because HIM ALONE never sleeps or slumbers. Psalm 121

It is HIM ALONE that can provides everything you needs because HE is the only ONE that gives power to get wealth. Deuteronomy 8:18.  His provision is more than enough. What HE provides or gives is original and it remains original and sufficient for you. Malachi 3:10. Remember He used 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes to fed more than 5,000 people at a time, and the food still remains.

HE ALONE can reverse the irreversible. He reversed the death that had been pronounced unto prophet Isaiah. He reversed and returned back to the sender and planner the death that had been arrange for Mordecai and the Jews. Esther 7:1-10. It is HE ALONE that can reverse and terminate any evil that have been program and plan against you this month and this year.

In HIM ALONE we have permission to see tomorrow even the next hour. You are not a controller of your life, in HIM ALONE you can be a living soul in the next one hour and to the next 10 to 50 years. He has no beginning and no end. He is forever.

If it is HE ALONE that can do these and others things for you, it is mandatory for you to do the following:

1.      Return back to HIM with your total heart, soul and body. Matthew 11:28-30, 2 Chronicles 7:14
2.      Handover everything to HIM and let HIM ALONE control your life. Psalms 119:133, 123:1-4, 127:1-2
3.      Give HIM is due and never rob HIM – Malachi 3:8-12, Psalm 136.
4.      Walk with HIM and never leave HIM behind. Let Him be in your front and follow HIM.
5.      Abide and addicted in obey HIM – Isaiah 1:19, Deut. 28:1-14.
6.      Meditating and seek HIM alone daily in HIS HOLY WORD – Joshua 1:8, Psalm 119:89-112.
7.      Lives holy and righteous life. Never regard iniquity in your heart. Psalm 66:18, Hebrews 12:14, Leviticus 11:44-45
8.      Forsake the evil companion and embrace the godly association – 1 Cor. 15:33, 6:18-20, 2 Cor.6:14-18

1.      Father, I thank you for give me another grace to witness another day and another month in year 2016.
2.      Father, I thank you for today message for gives me understanding who YOU are.
3.      Father, I confess all my sin unto you (please confess your sins, mention them one by one), and wash me clean with the precious Blood of Jesus.
4.      Father, empower with your Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus.
5.      Father, in your supremacy, visit my situation and expire all my predicaments in the name of Jesus.
6.      As I enter this second month of year 2016, double blessing is my portion in the name of Jesus.
7.      This second month of this year shall bring double promotion, double uncommon success, appointment and favour to me in the name of Jesus.
8.      As the door of the second month of this year is open, the mighty hand of God will open double door of honor, favour, mercy, blessing, fruitfulness and appointment unto me in the name of Jesus.
9.      Every gathering of the enemies against my life, marriage, business, job, work, ministry and family is cancel and scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus.
10.  Any plan of the devil and his agents against my life, marriage, business, job, work, family, ministry, properties, etc shall not prosper in the name of Jesus.
11.  Every good and precious things that elude me in January and previous months shall be restoring back to me in double fold this month in the name of Jesus.
12.  Divine protection of God is my portion and my family this month and months to comes in the name of Jesus.
13.  Father, announce and advertise my greatness, promotion, success, appointment, and financial breakthrough this month in the name of Jesus.
14.  Uncommon testimony is my portion this month in the name of Jesus.

15.  Thanks you Father for hearing and answers my prayers in Jesus mighty name I pray, amen and amen.

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