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Pray Your Way Into the New Year 2016

Pray Your Way Into the New Year 2016

Day One – Monday 28th December, 2015

Topic: The Door Must Close

Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 1:1-20

The door of year 2015 that was open 360 days ago is about to close. There is nothing anyone can do to stop this door to close in as much it has reach its closing time. Less than 100 hours to this time, the door will close and no one can open it again.

As the door is about to close, there are things in your life, marriage, business, job, ministry, family, academic, etc that must close along with it. Things that must close along with the year are those things that not given you joy; those things that make you live miserable life in year 2015; those things that make people sees you as you are NOT serving the living God; those things that make people mucking you and forsaking you; those things that make you weeping and crying in your closest.

Hannah, started the year in weeping, crying and sorrow, but she end the year with expired day with her barrenness. She took the step that caused her barren to expire with the year. She used the power of prayer to end her barrenness with the year. When others are eaten, drinking and celebrating, she determined to commit herself in fervent prayer and fasting, and she got positive result at the end. 1 Samuel 1:9-13

Brother and sister, what is your problem or challenges? What are those things that make you weep and cry in year 2015? God that answered Hannah is the same God that will answer your Prayer in these last hours of Year 2015. The same God is the same God today and forever. Hebrews 13:8.

Hannah had been praying, but she changed her prayer pattern and she got positive result she has never got before. She had been engaged in congregational prayer before, but at this time of end of the year, she did it personally with her God. She did not allow anything hinder or disturbed her, even the Priest of God attempt to hinder her, she did not accept it. 1 Samuel 1:13-18

You too must act as Hannah did. Don’t end this year without engaging in fervent prayer and fasting. It is true that you have been praying before, but let this prayer be in a new pattern. Commit yourself into it in fullness of heart. Never allow the pleasure and the fun of your friends in this end of the year to derail your focus from the prayer. Be yourself! Don’t do as you used to do in previous years that not profit you. Try another strategy this year. The strategy you can involve yourself is the one I’m telling you. God send me to you. Listen to the voice of God and obey.

Separate Yourself.  Hannah separated herself from the crowd. She never joined the crowd to end the year. The crowd cannot profit you. Because, in the crowd, there is robbery, killers, kidnappers, detailers, etc. They are there just to hinder breakthrough, to hijack success, to kill glories, to shift the blessing that belongs to the children to another place and destroy destinies. The Bible affirmed that, “bad company destroy good manner” 1 Cor. 15:33.

Be in Your Closest, and Pray Fervently. One thing you MUST NOT allow the devil to take away from you is praying in closest. Your closest can be your room, it can be your church, and it can be on the mountain. Mind you, use the remaining days in this year to war against your problems and predicaments.


1.             Thank God and sing songs of praises
2.            Confess all your sins and ask God to forgive you
3.            Wash yourself with the Blood of Jesus. Confess and speak the Blood to your life and everything around you.
4.            Father, fill me with the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus
5.            In the name of Jesus, I close every door of failure working in my life, marriage, business, job, family, academic, etc.
6.            Fathers, I use authority in your name to close all the door of barrenness in my marriage and business in the name of Jesus
7.            In the name of Jesus, I break the padlock of the enemy that mounts against my life.
8.           The forces and power behind my problems die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus.
9.            The door of weeping, I commanded you to be close in the name of Jesus
10.        I render and destroy the door of lack and poverty that open into my life in the name of Jesus.
11.         Every door of sickness in my life, marriage and family, I commanded you to be close by the Blood of Jesus
12.        Door of sadness in my marriage, close by fire of God in the name of Jesus
13.        All my predicaments, I command you to expired today in the name of JESUS
14.        Father, in your mercy, close the door miscarriage that is affecting my marriage in the name of Jesus
15.         Father, arrest every hands that open problem for my family in the name of Jesus
16.        Father, as this year is coming to close, close the door of death in my family in the name of Jesus

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