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Bible Reading: Hebrew 9:11-20

There is no doubt that people are facing many problems and challenges included the people of God. The enemy is always confront and war  against the Christians both physically and spiritually. Despite the aim and desire of the people of God in other to defeat and overcome the enemy with their own strength is useless and fruitless. 
The mystery of the Blood of Jesus. 1 Peter 1:18-19. We are redeem by the precious blood of Jesus.

Why Jesus Blood is precious:

1. It is precious because the blood of Mary is not enter or join with the Blood of Jesus Christ. No blemish in the Blood of divine Father that gave us the only begotten Son.

2. No blood of human being can redeem the whole humanity than the Blood of Jesus. It was only Jesus Christ that donate His Blood for all humanity.

3. There is no genotype in the Blood of Jesus.

4. The Blood of Jesus Christ dethrone the enemy at anywhere at anytime. Revelation 12:10-12

5. Col.2:14-15 The Blood of Jesus wipe away every handwriting against us.

6. Eph. 2:14  The Blood of Jesus broke down the wall of patricians 

7. The power of the Blood of Jesus open prison, grave, set people free from their bondage, etc when Jesus said it is finished! 

Poverty is an enemy, barrenness is an enemy, sickness is an enemy, failure is your enemy, disappointed is your enemy, etc all these enemies the Blood of Jesus defeated them at the Cross

8. The blood of Jesus was offered the sacrifice for humanity once and for all - Hebrews 10:12 -19

9. You can enter holiest place of God by the Blood of Jesus - Hebrews 10:19

10. The Blood of Jesus speak blessings, and divine will for us- Hebrews 12:24

11. The only Blood that cleanse all sins - 1John 1:7, Rev.1:5

12. Only Blood that heal all diseases and infirmities.

Beloved, you must believe and accept the Blood of Jesus, drink the Blood of Jesus, and apply to your life and your situation. John 6:53.

Prayer Bombs for Today

1. Father forgive me all my sins and wash me clean with the Blood of Jesus

2. I am free from the power of affliction by the Blood of Jesus

3. Father, wash every seed of sin in me by the Blood of Jesus

4. I receive all blessings that are in the Blood of Jesus 

5. In the name of Jesus, I silence every demonic voices speaking against my life with the Blood of Jesus

6. By the Blood of Jesus, I open every door of greatness that had been closed against me by the enemies 

7. I cover my life, marriage, business, job and ministry with the Blood of Jesus

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