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Prayer Bombs for Today

Topic: God ordained servant

Bible Reading: Isaiah 42:1-5

There are thousands of people call by God to carry out a mandate and major mandate is to witness for God. Every servant calls and ordained by God as a special responsible that must carry out. 

Discover the major assignment given to every servant should be discovered, develop and deliver at the right time to the right people. But many servants did not know the major assignment given to them from God that calls them. Instead to make inquiry of their major assignment from God, they are only running ministry that is not given to them.  Acts 13:2-3

Develop your spiritual assignment. For every servant of God, after discover the assignment, the next is to develop it.  Build your gift and ministry given to you. Acts 9:19-28. Despite the knowledge and the level of education of Apostle Paul, he still learned and studied under other Apostles for some times to learned and build is his ministry. He was not rushed to do the work, rather he humble himself under the leadership. It is a dangerous for any servant to do the work without training under the boss. The Bible, Jesus Christ despite His is a Son, yet He learned to obey even to the point of death. In the beginning of Jesus earthly ministry, He went to the Synagogues, humbles Himself, sat under the teaching of the doctors by then and learned - Luke 2:42-47.

Jesus Christ is our Master, Caller and the Owner of the ministry given to us. He is our role model that we must follow. He commanded us to follow His steps and obey His words. John 14:23-26.

Deliver your ministry. It is our daily duties to deliver the ministry given to us by God. There are recipients of our ministry.  God sent Peter to the Gentiles - Acts 9:44-48; and Paul to the Gentiles. Dorcas to the widows - Acts 9:36-41.

Do you know the people you are send to? Have you witness to someone today? Is the message of repentance and salvation had been preached by you? 

Remember, a man that wins soul is a wise man. God is not interesting in Christians who do not win souls to His Kingdom. Every soul win to the Kingdom of God make heaven rejoice. Preach Jesus Christ, tell people about the Gospel. Tell them the truth about their sins. But you too must repent of your sins. It I'd difficult for a sinner to win sinner. Your must lives a holy life.  Leviticus 11:44-45. Lives godly life, never allow any evil practices to spring up from your life.


1. Father, I thank you for today message, I worship you and glorify your holy name, in Jesus name I pray

2. My Father and my Lord, empower me with your Holy Ghost and guide me to preach your message in faithfulness in the name of Jesus

3. Father, make your words in mouth a fire that will destroy every evil imagination of the heart of my hearer in the name of Jesus

4. Father, reveals to me where I should go to start the ministry you committed to my hands in the name of Jesus

5. Father causes me to preach the message of repentance and salvation on daily basis in the name of Jesus

6. My Father and my Lord, take fear out of me and increase my faith so that I can preach Jesus to everyone around and beyond in the name of Jesus

7. Father, arrest and destroy every power that designed to hinder me from preaching the gospel in the name of Jesus

8. Thank you Father for given me this glorious ministry, in Jesus name I prayed.

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