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Prayer Bombs for Today

Topic: Divine Vengeance Against the Wicked

Bible Reading: Judges 1:1-7

There is time and season for everything, says the Scripture. God have reward for both good and wicked person. No one can escape God's reward. Rev. 22:12

Adoni-bezek had been doing evil against the people of God, but his wickedness was repay back to him on a day he did not think of. God had been patient for him to repent and forsake his wickedness, but he refused and thought that no one can stop him, but the only One (God) that see and know everyone visited him and allowed his evil to turned back to him.

There are several Adoni-bezek around the world today. They were only have thought and doing evil against the people of God, against the work of God and against the Kingdom of God - Heaven. Such people thought that nobody can arrest or stop them of doing their wickedness.

They see themselves as all in all. They have no respect for the Word of God, no regard for the men of God that ordained and appointed to guide, teach and direct them. Instead to embrace the work of God, they are destroying it. Instead to support the work of God in order to move forward, they were against it and make sure the work is pull down.

The Bible makes it clear that whatever a man sow, he will surely reap it either good or bad. Galatians 6:7-8.

Beloved, this is right time to examine yourself and your ways. Are you not Aboni-Zedek of this generation? Are you not doing and practice what Aboni-zedek did? Is your behaviour and attitudes go in God's way of righteous, holiness and faithfulness? If Jesus come now what will be your reward?

Think now and repent your wickedness. Galatians 5:19-21. Turn to Jesus Christ, He is ready to accept you and wash you clean with His Blood. He died because of you. He had pay for your salvation through His Blood and dead on the Cross at Calvary. John 3:16.


1. Father, I am here before you, have mercy unto me and forgive all my evil deeds in the name of Jesus.

2. Father washes me clean with precious Blood of Jesus

3. Lord, let my cries provoke angelic assistance today.

4. Lord, give me the name that will bless me today.

5. Let every satanic hindrance targeted against my angel of blessing be dissolved by fire, in the name of Jesus.

6. Lord, deliver me from evil stones thrown at me by unfriendly friends.

7. Every evil riot and rage against me; be disgraced, in the name of Jesus.

8. Lord, deliver me from every satanic noise in the name of Jesus

9. Lord, deliver me from the tumult of the people in the name of Jesus

10. Let every evil crowd seeking to take my life be scattered unto desolation, in the name of Jesus.

11. Let all sicknesses come out with all their roots now, in the name of Jesus.

12. Let the poison of sickness be drained out of my system now, in the name of Jesus.

13. Let every abnormality within my body receive divine healing now, in the name of Jesus.

14. Let every fountain of infirmity dry up now, in the name of Jesus.

15. Every hunter of my health; be disappointed, in the name of Jesus.

16. Let every stubborn pursuer of my health fall down and die now, in the name of Jesus.

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