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 Bible Reading: Deuteronomy 8:18
There are different powers that are operating in the world; as the reality of wealth is concern, there is ONLY one power that can make man get wealth and lives with the wealth in peace of mind. The wealth you get through the power of God is the only wealth you can enjoying and lives long with. When God give you wealth through His power, you will not experience sorrow in it.
1.    I possess the power of God that will open door of wealth for me in Jesus name
2.    As a result of the prosperity prayers I receive the mandate to enter into covenant of wealth in Jesus name.
3.    O Lord, empower me with your mighty power to pluck the seed of wealth that will swallow poverty in my life and family in Jesus name.
4.    In the capability of God power to get wealth, from today henceforth, my portion in life has changed from a beggar and borrower, to a lender and giver in name Jesus
5.    Every power against my wealth, you are a liar, die and scatter by the thunder of God in Jesus name
6.    Every man-made power from my father’s house that hinder me to become wealthy, your time is offer today, scatter by fire and thunder of God in the name of Jesus
7.    In the name of Jesus, today is marking a new beginning of wealthy life in my life and family
8.    Holy Ghost, arrest on my behalf today every spirit of poverty operating in my business, job and work in the name of Jesus.
9.    Let every evil seed of generational poverty planted into my business, job and work dry up, in the name of Jesus.
10.    I dismantle every demonic opposition to my prosperity, in the name of Jesus.

11.    Every satanic river of poverty and failure flow into mu business, work or job, your time is expire today, clear off by fire of God in the name of Jesus.

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