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Overcoming Deception

Prayer Bombs For Today


Matthew 24:1-4

Deception is frequently topic throughout the Bible. It began as early as the Garden of Eden, but it seems to occupy an especially significant place in the prophetic passages of the New Testament of the Bible like Mathew 24:4, Mark 13:5-6, Luke 21:8. 

Jesus our Lord and our Master warned us that deception will increase and spread worldwide when the end time is at hand. He make it clear that men and women will badly stand up and say "I am the answer" to your problems or predicaments. Be careful that you don't run after them.

Our Prayer Bombs message of today is focusing on Deception and how to avoid it. 


1. The person behind every deceptions is Satan - John 8:44

2. The principles of Deception has not change - Lust of the eyes, of the heart and 

3. The purposes of Deception remain the same - Steal, kill and destroy - John 10:10a

4. The power over Deception remain the same - Jesus Christ - John 14:6, 10:10b 

Thousands of people habitat been deceived and end in eternal doom of hell fire. The agents of deceiver are in the world today, teaching and preaching wrong doctrines and people are following them. People are anxious to get freedom from their afflictions, sickness, predicaments, debts, failure, barrenness, unfruitful, sadness, marriages challenges, etc but instead to go to right PERSON which is Jesus Christ they were run after false prophets that lead them to hell fire.

Deception is order of the day in every corner of the world, moreover, Jesus warned us to be careful, sensitive, and watchful so that we are not deceive and end in doom. 

No matter the challenges you are facing, no matters the problem that confronting you and no matter the situation you find yourself, you MUST be very very very careful so that you did not fall to the hands of the destroyers.


1. Seek God first in all your doings - Matthew 6:33

2. Accept Jesus invitation - Matthew 11:28-29

3. Call upon Jesus in your closet place with sincere heart. Handover all your problems to Him, He will surely solve them for you. Mathew 7:7

4. Walk with Him in holiness. 

5. Be fill with Holy Spirit 

6. Don't copy, salvation is personal don't allow your friends or anybody to deceive you or mislead you.

7. Addicted in fervent prayers on daily basis


1. My Father, I thank you for your promises and faithfulness to me and my family

2. Father, I confess all my sins into you, forgive me and wash me clean with precious Blood of your Son Jesus

3. Father, uproot every seed of deception that have been planted in me by your fire in the name of Jesus

4. Father, in your mercy and sufficient grace, cut me from any friends or association that can deceive me to do wrong things in the name of Jesus

5. Faithful Father, fill me with your Holy Ghost and continue to direct me in your ways in the name of Jesus

6. Father, empower me more to confront any challenges that comes my way with your Word in the name of Jesus

7. Father thank you for answers my prayers in Jesus name I prayed.

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