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Bible Reading: Judges 6:1-10
One of the things that satan and his agents mantle against the people of God is the stronghold of poverty. There are different types of stronghold, but I will only focus on the stronghold of poverty.
God allow the enemies to build stronghold against His people because of their sins. The people of Israel disobeyed God and they were under stronghold of the enemies for seven years. Many people most especially the so-called Christians are in stronghold of poverty because of their sins and unfaithful practices. They are not faithful to God in their TITHE, not faithful to God in helping the poor and the motherless/fatherless, unfaithful to God in keeping the law of Sabbath, unfaithful to God in cheating their neighbor and customers, and unfaithful to God in support the work of God.
Nevertheless, God in his uncommon mercy sent Gideon to deliver them from this stronghold that holds them for seven years. You too could also be free from the stronghold of poverty if you can:
1.   Turn back to God for freedom – Matthew 11:28-29
2.   Confess all your sin unto God
3.   Cry unto Him for salvation – Judges 6:6
4.   Pay your tithe in full
5.   Support the work of GOD
6.   Help the poor
7.   Sacrifice your time and everything you have to expand the kingdom of God
1.     Every stronghold of mental and spiritual poverty in my life, be uprooted by fire, in the name of Jesus
2.     My God and my Lord, take me out of the stronghold of poverty that I kept myself in the name of Jesus
3.     Any covenant in my life that is strengthening the stronghold of poverty in my business, job and work, break by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus.
4.     Every devourer planted in the stronghold where my business/job/work is kept, I hereby declare total destruction upon them with the fire and thunder of God in Jesus name
5.     Every stronghold of poverty, in the place where I am living now, and in my place of work, I pull you down by the thunder and fire of God in the name of Jesus.
6.     Every stronghold of poverty that swallowed my business, job and work, your time is over today in the name of Jesus
7.     My God and my Lord, create opportunities for my prosperity today, in the name of Jesus.

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