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Provoking the Divine Guest

Prayer Bombs for Today

Topic: Provoking the Divine Guest

Bible Reading: John 14:15-21

The only and the greatest Guest that everyone need to do greater things and lives successfully in this world and in this end time is the Divine Guest. I also called Him Heavenly Guest.

It is a Guest that has everything you need and ready to give you in abundance.

It is a Guest that can only dwelling in your Body till Christ comes if you allow Him permanently - 

It is  Guest that when you permit Him to dwell in your area that will not allow any obstacles or enemies to rub or ruin your blessings and destiny.

It is a Guest that God permitted to settle your case with priceless tag.

It is Guest that no power or forces can withstand as long as you permitted Him to work on your behalf.

It is a Guest that reveal every secret things that you don't know.

It is a Guest that can pay all your debts and put laugh to your heart

It is a Guest that can transform your life, business and ministry more than your expectations.

The Divine Guest that can only do all and others for you is the Spirit of God called Holy Ghost. Acts 1:8

The Holy Ghost is the divine Guest that can give you power to possess all tour possessions in fullness, He can give you power and make you rich and wealthy in fullness - Deut. 8:18

It is the Guest that can heal all your sickness and make you whole and have sound health

The Holy Ghost is the Guest that can render all your enemies useless and make you triumph over them all. 

Problems of Today Christianity:

Many of us find it difficult to allow the Holy Ghost to abide in us, guide us and lead us, instead many prefer to be leads by the prophet, occultist, man spirit, Antichrist spirit, witches and witchcrafts spirit, etc. But is you can allow the Holy Ghost abide in you surely your case is settled.

Today's prayer bombs is focus on the Holy Spirit, you need Him I need Him. 

Prayer Bombs for the Day:

1. Thanks God for given us His Spirit to abide in us and dwell in us

2. Father, I confess all my sins into you, forgive me and wash me clean with the precious Blood of Jesus

3. Father, flush away every evil seeds in my with the Blood of Jesus

4. Holy Ghost, abide in me and dwell in me in the name of Jesus

5. Holy Spirit, you are a Divine Guest, visit me and dwell in me in fullness in Te name of Jesus

6. Holy Spirit I surrender all my life unto You, take control of my life, businesses, job, academic, marriage and ministry in Jesus name

7. Holy Spirit manifest your power in me in Jesus name

8. My Father and my Guest, open my spiritual eyes to see you o Lord in my daily living

9. Holy Spirit in your mercy expose all the work of the enemies and tense them useless in my life in the name of Jesus

10. Thank you God for given me your Holy Spirit to dwell in me in Jesus name I pray

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