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BIBLE READING: John 14:12-20, Acts 1:8

Danellia Onome Joy wrote: In life it is what you love you get. In life it is what you work for you earn.  In life it is what you pray for you are blessed with. In life it is what you ask for that you are questioned about.

She go further and said: But in all there are some things that need power. But in all there some things that need purpose. And in all there are some things that need more than power

Many people say that; ‘God is able to do much more than you expect or imagine,’ but that at the last verse it is said according to the power in you. That is if you are his not (you get a tall order).

For us that love God it is said that power begets power; so what is the power that is in you. It is power that comes from fire Or power that comes from smoke?

Beloved, there is no doubt that the Bible says for you to be a successful, you have a part to play in your own life. Mind you. God work in you according to the power in you. Since it is the power that is in you that God does according to, what is the power in you; is it a fire or a smoke? Holy Spirit or demonic spirit? Holy Ghost from the throne of God or goddess spirit from the sea or shrine? 

God can only prove and manifest His glory through His power  in you. Acts 2:6-13. When you possess the Holy Ghost power, your life must change, your spiritual lives will change, your mentality and attitudes will change. Your thinking and reasons will change, even things around you will change.

A writer said: "the way to get power is by going to the fire. The Fire, the Consuming Fire!"

Our God is a consuming fire that can either burn you or inflame you. His fire can either inspire you or despise you. It is a fire that will consume all the seeds of sickness either cause by sin or by other ways.

The choice is yours! So chose one that you and your family may leave
and proclaiming the works of God.

As a Christian or a believer, you must possess the fire of God to be on fire against the devil. You must lodge for fire so that you cannot be capture by the enemies.  

Remember, in the long run it is power that begets power, animal begets animal, and fire that begets fire, and water that flows to water. You are a result of the power that dwell in you. If you possess the power of God you become god - Psalm 82:6, John 10:34.

I challenge you: the power behind the power is the Fire that is behind the fire, 
What is your fire; God; the world or Satan himself?
You cannot hide from this truth. Be ye not deceived what a man sows so shall he reap.

Whatever the power you have, there must be a source of it. For you have power you must have a source, how can it be said that one who wants fire do not even have fuel.
If you abide in Christ and Christ abide in you, surely the Holy Ghost power will dwelling in you - John 15:1-8.

Your fruitfulness depending on the power you possess. Fire for God and get being fruitful. Fire for Christ and being manifest, and fire for Holy Ghost and being glorify. 

Don't join the crowd, but being an actor. People are expecting to watching you, and celebrate with you, this can inky happen when you posses the Power that is behind Power 

Be wise, lest you lose your power and purpose in life.


1. Father I thank you for given me grace to possess your Power

2. I flush out all the seeds of sins in my life with the Blood of Jesus

3. My Father, I open my heart unto you, release your Holy Spirit to my life in fullness in the name of Jesus

4. In the name of Jesus, I posses the Holy Ghost of God 

5. Lord, fill me with the Holy Spirit that will break every yokes in my life in the name of Jesus

6. Father, energize me with your fire in the name of Jesus

7. In the name of Jesus, I receive and poses the mighty power of God into my life, marriage and ministry

8. Father, as from today, let your Holy Spirit abiding in me forever in the name of Jesus

9. Every linkage in my life, Lord close them with your Blood

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