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War Against The Dreams Attackers

Bible Reading: Psalm 31:15
“My times are in Your hands; deliver me from the hands of my foes and those who pursue me and persecute me.”
One the easy way that the enemies attacks the children of God today is through dreams. The dream attackers do their works in the night, but manifest in the day. In order words, anything they do is through spiritual means but manifest in natural world. That is why the Bible make it clear that, our battle is not carnal or physical but spiritual. To fight the battles against the dream attackers must be done in spiritual and mostly in the nights.
When the enemies attack you in the dream, they do so for the following reasons:
1. To drink your blood:
The enemies are always after blood to drink and they purposely attack the children of God in order to drink their blood
Dream attackers had shuck and drink many people blood for ritual and evil covenant. In a situation where a man wake up and develop lean in his body, such should take it as urgent matter to deal with the situation. Drinking blood may result in sickness which could lead to sudden death.
2. To steal
Another work of the dream attackers is stealing peoples glory, destinies, business, job, work, child, husband or wife, visions, money, blessings, etc. Several things that can be a profits for many people had been stolen away by the dream attackers. A situation whereby you are experience lost of money and property on occasions may be a result of dream attackers.
3. To kill
Another reasons or work of the dream attackers is to kill. One day, we went to burial ground to buried a sister, as we are entered the cemetery, I saw many grave and suddenly, I heard a voice saying many that buried here died without fulfill their destinies. If such people have opportunities to tell us how they died, we will discover that majority end their lives through the dream attackers.
4. To destroy
Dream attackers are destroyers. Their primary aim and mission is to destroy. They are always at work to destroy every good things most especially, marriage, business, project, ministry, lives and properties, etc. There is no doubt that many lives and business had been destroyed by these dream attackers.
Jesus Christ affirmed the above reasons in John 10:10a.
There are several ways the dream attackers carry their missions, some of them are:
1. Eating in the dreams
2. Bathing in the dream
3. Drinking in the dream
4. Sow seed or plant something into your shop or place of work – Matthew 13:25-28
5. Barbing in the dreams
6. Sweeping in the dreams
7. Sex in the dreams
8. Selling in the dreams
9. Fighting you in the dreams
10. Chasing or pursuing you on the dreams
11. Giving you gifts in the dreams, this use to lead to exchange of good things to bad or evil.
12. Wetting in the dreams
13. Sending arrows in the dreams
14. Dressing you or your photo in the dreams
15. Pointing fingers to you in the dreams
16. Assign your to do certain work in the dreams which resulted in tireless and swept.
17. Putting cloth on you
18. Wrapping or envelop your documents in the dreams
19. Gathering together of people calling your name or making incantation in the dreams.
Note: Sometimes, some of the above dreams may be a good dream but for this message, we are consider the evil means of them all.
No matter how long or how terrible you had been attacked by the dream attackers, don’t lose hope, God has a purpose for you and He is ready to fight the battle for you. The following are the urgent steps you must take and the principles you must applying:
1. Surrender your total life to Jesus. Matthew 11:28-29. Your number step is to give your total life to Jesus in clean and sincerity heart.
2. Confess and repent all your sins – Luke 13:3-5. No matter who you are, you are a sinner and your ain must be confess and repent from it. God will not hear and answer the prayer of sinner. The bible says: whosoever cover his sin shall not prosper. Confess your sins and repent from it is not optional but mandatory. Nehemiah 9:1-4, Debut.10:12
3. Engage in fervent fasting and prayers. Mind you, let your prayer almost done in the midnights. The midnight prayers is one of the strongest means of war against the dream attackers. They attack in the nights, you too confront them in the nights. Acts 16:25-30
Support your prayers with the word of God – Joshua 1:8, Isaiah 58:1ff
1. Father I thank you for revealed to me the reality of dream attackers
2. Father, wash me clean with the precious blood of Jesus
3. In the name of Jesus, I plead the blood of Jesus to every corner of this house and my working place in the name of Jesus
4. In the name of Jesus, I come against any activities of the dreams attackers
5. I uprooted all the seeds of dream attackers planted into my marriage, business, ministry and family in the name of Jesus
6. In the name of Jesus, I vomited every food I had eaten through dream attackers with the blood of Jesus
7. I destroy every covenant that attached to me through the dream attackers in the name of Jesus
8. I break all the covenant of the dream attackers in my marriage by the blood of Jesus
9. I recover all the good things that had been stolen away by the dreams attackers in the name of Jesus
10. All the dreams attackers attached to my life, you a liar, die by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus
11. I command every evil arrow target against me from the dreams attackers to go back to sender with fire in the name of Jesus

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