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Trembling at God's Word

READ:- ISAIAH 66:1-10
MEMORIZE:-  Has not My Hand made all these things and so they came into being? Declares the LORD. This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in Spirit, and trembled at My Word  (Isaiah 66:2).
Reading this verse above can literally bring one to tears. God says, This is the person I'm going to look to: the one who's humble, the one who's contrite or broken over sin. This is God Almighty! Who is the person He look for? Is it you? Stop for a moment to ask yourself: Do I match the biblical description of the person whom God is looking for? 
The last phrase of Isaiah 66:2 is a part that can crush one. It submit in answer to the question earlier raised, he who ... trembles at My Word. Isn't that very serious? It is likely that if you meditate over this word with all sincerity and honestly, you might find yourself crying and lamenting, Oh, God, I have lost that. I don't see Your Word that way.
It is likely you have not just been reading and studying God's Word, the Bible alone. You might have even been teaching and preaching it. Nevertheless, are you sure you still tremble at God's Word? Is that passion for positive change in the direction of the illumination if the studied Word of God that was part of you when you first believed still there today? 
Henceforth, let the passion for God's Word so consume you that you will no longer just study it, but you will always find a special place in your heart to treble at it (Matthew 5:14; 17:1-8). Trembling at everything in your Bible means that with every page you turn in it, you maintain the sense that "i've just heard God's voice. I have to listen ! I've got to act now !"

1. Lord Jesus, let the passion for Your Word consume me unto Your Glory and the benefit of others.
2. Lord, help the Church to give the attention and priority required of Your Holy Word to it. 
3. Lord, help the youth in this generation to have Your Word in their HEART.

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