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Secure Your Future 2


Bible Reading: Psalm 37

Today message and prayer bomb is continuation of yesterday message, tile secure your future. And I believe God is already began a new thing in your life, marriage, business, ministry and family as whole. As you continue today, God is going to open your understanding to see and know more about your future in JESUS name, amen!

In Isaiah 42 verse 9, God said, “Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them”. Since God had make it known to you that, a new thing called a new future is began with you now, it is mandatory for you also to start a new lives that will make you fulfill the new future that God has for you. It is very good for you to understand that the following are the vital keys and prerequisites you need to fulfill your future as God designed it for you:

1.  Surrender all your total life unto Jesus, the Only One that paid sacrifice for your sins. The foundation of your new future must build on the ROCK called Jesus Christ. Matthew 11:28-29. To surrender your total life unto Jesus simply means hand-over everything unto Him and let Him take total control of your life and everything you have.  No man or woman can help you fulfill your future except Jesus Christ. He has the key, and knows everything about you and your future.

2.  Wait upon and unto the Lord only – Psalm 37:34. Wait upon the Lord, only trust Him and allow Him to work it out for you. The more you wait upon the Lord, the more He renews your strength, and give you more power to fashion out your future. As long as you wait unto Him as long as He remain faithful unto you in order to accomplish His purpose in your life.

3.  Be honest and good in all your ways – Psalm 37:37. There is nothing one can compare with honest and doing good. The honest and righteous man had been mark for fruitfulness in their future, and peace is sure for the man. Only those that honest in their doing can enjoy peace in the future. Your future fulfillment is base on your attitude and deeds. The future of dishonest man is disgrace. Anyone who fail to be righteous and honest will surely has no future that will speak good of him or her.

4.  Let your faith work it out – Hebrews 11:1, Col. 3:1-3. You can only walk with God that guarantees your future with faith. Only those that walk with God in faith fulfill their future and purpose of God for their life.

5. Back it up and journey your future with fervent prayer - Psalm 31:15. No successful future without prayer. Prayer is the major key to go through trials, temptation, frustration etc and succeed. 


1.      My Father, give me grace to walk in your way throughout my life in Jesus name

2.      My Father, wash me clean through the Blood of Jesus

3.      I receive the mighty power of God that will enable me to fulfill my future in the name of Jesus

4.      Every seed of sin that can hinder my future is hereby uprooted by the Blood of Jesus

5.      My Father, in your mercy, terminate any association that will not profits my future in the name of Jesus

6.      The journey to my future fulfillment shall not be cut off in the name of Jesus

7.      My Father, connect me with those that will propel my future to be fulfill in the name of Jesus

8.      I receive multiple grace to fulfill my future in the name of Jesus

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