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Revive me O Lord

Bible Reading: Psalm 85, Psalm 74

Topic: Revive me O Lord

Revival start with individual and it originate from heart. If our society will experience transformation that will glorify God, it must start from your heart and my own heart.

When revival happens, changes will manifest and uncommon testimony follows. 

Our prayer bombs for today is focus on revival.

Prayer Bombs are:

1. My Father I thank you because you to revive me today to your glory in the name of Jesus b

2. Lord Jesus cause my heart to pursue after you all the day of my life in Jesus mighty name

3. My Father and my God, draw me by your right hand of righteousness in the name of Jesus.

4. Father remove me from all distractions that hinder ms TCP do your will  in the name of Jesus

5. Father give me a hunger and desperation in my hearts that will always seek for your will and holiness

6. My Father, oyypen the book of remembrance for us.

7. Teach us to come in humility, poverty of spirit and brokenness.

8. Father draw my family and the members of this group as a nation into your presence all days in the name of Jesus

9. Father, let your kingdom  come oh Lord and let your will be done in my life and in my ministry and in my family in Jesus name

10. Our hearts are cold, Lord Jesus touch and melt our hearts to following your ways and commandments in Jesus name

11. Father awake my slumbering spirits from the comforts and enchantments that have held me down in the name of Jesus.

12. Save and deliver me from my weaknesses and sins in Jesus name.

13. Father, anoint me with humility and brokenness in fullness in the name of Jesus

14. Raise and deliver me from my reasons and excuses in the name of Jesus

15. My God and my Creator, mold me after your loving image and likeness as stated in Genesis 1:26 in the name of Jesus

16. Father give me your wisdom and guidance that I  might do your will on fullness in the name of Jesus

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God bless you and increase you as you join our prayer ministry.