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Prayer Against Sudden Death


Bible Reading: Psalm 35 

Many died as a result of sudden or untimely death from the enemies. Cain the first born in this world killed his brother - Abel and the blood of Abel cried for vengeance, but he has died already. If CAIN can killed ABEL his brother without offended him, believe me, nobody that enemies cannot confront to kill for no reasons. Genesis 4:4-ff

Several families are in sorrowed as a result of untimely death that took away their benefactor. Many fatherless and motherless children are in our society as a result of sudden death that took their parents. I want you to know that, it is not when you do bad to people that they can plan against you, in as much as you a child of God, doing good and great things in life, surely the enemies will like to fight and kill you.

I'm here today to send some of the prayer points that we prayed in our all night yesterday. The all night prayers focus on the message received from out church headquarters that we should pray against sudden death amongst the church workers. Therefore, you are here reading this message is not by accident but God plan and purpose for you so that, the enemies will not destroy your life.

Remember the major work of Satan and his agents is to steal, kill and destroy - John 10:10a but our Lord Jesus came to destroy his work against or over our life and everything belong to us. John 10:10b.

Please, you can pray these prayers bombs with fasting and in the nights for more than one day. May God give you more grace to do so.

Prayer Bombs Against Sudden Death

1. Thank God for given you life to lives, and five you grace to know the secret planned of the devil.

2. Every evil hands that wrote death on my name and picture, be roasted by fire and thunder of God 

3. My Father, destroy every plan of sudden death against me this year in the name of Jesus

4. Any coffin make by my enemies in order to bury me will turn back to their head in the name of Jesus

5. Any assassination send to kill me shall receive sudden death before he carry it out in the name of Jesus

6. Any pity of death dogged before me is hereby closed by the blood of Jesus

7. I shall not die but live to glorify the name of God in the name of Jesus - Psalm 118:17

8. Any evil gathering against me from any angle are hereby scattered by the thunder of God

9. I remove my name from obituary this year in the name of Jesus

10. Every seed of death planted in me through dream is hereby uprooted by the blood of Jesus

11. The tree of sudden death planted on my name and my picture is uprooted by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus

12. Every trap of death set for shall not catch me rather those that set it will fall to it in the nautme of Jesus. 

13. Thank you God for protecting me from evil people, in Jesus name I pray.

14. Any arrow of death sent to me trough dream is back to sender by fire of God in the name of Jesus

15. I reject any gift of death from any where in the name of Jesus

16. Any mark or sign of sudden death place on my photo is terminated and wash away by the blood of Jesus

17. Any announcement of death against my name is renounce and cancelled by the blood of Jesus

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