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Don't Waste Your Time


God give everyone on earth equal time on daily basis. 24hours that given to USA president is the sane time that given to you. 

The same 24hours given to poor man is the same given to rich man. The same time given to African is the same time given to Americans and others people.

But how you spend your time make the different  Time is previous, costly, incomparable,  and is your future. 

How you spend your time today will determine your future tomorrow. Spending your time for pleasure today will lead to fracture tomorrow. 

Those you spend your time with today will determine your attitudes tomorrow. 

What you use your time to watch, read and see will determine your spiritual ability tomorrow. 

Spending your time to study the word of God, use it to pray  and exercise your spiritual ability will not only make you successful but also make you strong in the Lord. Joshua 1: 6-9


All time you have spent is investment. And every investment has result or profit. There is profit for time you spend today. And the profit is in two fold either profit positively or profit negatively. 

What do you do with your time today? 

God is the owner of time and He is the rewarder for every time that everyone spend. How you spend your time on this earth will determined where you will spend your eternity either in heaven or in hell fire. 

Those that use their time to fornicate, adultery, smoking, fighting, stealing, lying, worldly enjoyment, killing people, gossiping, envy, Galatians 5:19-21 will spend the rest of life in hell fire. 

Moreover, there is another grace for you to repent today and never use your time to do evil again, then God mercy will come unto you and become the child of God. 

Remember, is either you spend your time in righteousness and holiness and you down your 
eternity in heaven or you spend your time now in evil, sin and demonic activities then you spend your eternity in hell fire. 

The choice is yours. Pls choose wisely and enjoying the goodness of God. God bless you


Good day to you all. There is no doubt that those that participated lives in the program seen and experienced wonderful hands of God. 

As you spent your time with God in prayer, you are invest into God"s kingdom of fruitfulness. Today, the prayer continue, and everybody can participate. It is through phone conference between 12 30am and 3am. Just call my number by then and I will connect you with the program.


1. O God my Lord, i dedicate my life to you in the name of Jesus

2. Every hands that dedicated my destiny to the demonic camp of my background, die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

3. All demonic activities working against my breakthrough, marriage, business, job, ministry, academic, and family is hereby destroy with the fire of God in the name of Jesus

4. Every demonic wall of failure mantle around my life, marriage, business, job, work, ministry, academic, family and success  die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

5. All the way of my greatness that have been close by the forces of wickedness is hereby melt down and destroyed by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus

6. The obstacle water of marriage dry before me in the name of Jesus

7. The pity of marriage failure that was dogged in our family, I commanded it to closed by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus

8. My Father, announce the obituary of Satanic agent that was assigned and appointed to working against any good and success steps that I will take in life in the name of Jesus

9. Anybody that is walking around in order to kill or destroy my destiny and my glorious future will walk to destruction without remedy today in the name of Jesus

10. Ki Olorun fi orun ejika kun gbogbo awon to nyo aye mi, igbeyawo mi, ise mi. Okowo mi, ati ise itanse mi lenu lati oni lo ni oruko Jesu Oluwa wa

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