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Bible Reading: 1 Kings 17: 1-3

The power of Voice is one of the power that kept many people in bondage. Many marriage could not experience its purpose as a result of power of that hold it. The heaven cannot showers of blessing many so called believer as a result of heaven that closed against them through the voice of man.

Elijah was a prophet would shut heaven for three years and six months, and no rain or dew upon the earth by then. What Prophet Elijah did is happenings to many people today, human being speak the word of authority and the heaven closed against them. Instead to be fruitful, fruitless is the result. Instead to prosper and successful,  problem and sadness is the outcome.

Elijah is a prophet of God, so also many people are under bondage of so called men of God. God will deliver us in Jesus name.

Important things to take note of: 

1. Prophet Elijah that closed the heaven was not experience hunger through the seasons

2. God used different ways to provided for the need of prophet Elijah - He used Ravens to fed him, He used widow to fed him, 1 kings 17: 6, 8-16.

3. The people that obeyed didn't lack anything - 1Kings 17:10-16

4. Those that gave little in third hands to fed the prophet lack nothing. They experience showers of blessing - 1Kings 17:13-16

5. The same voice that closed the heaven was the sane voice that opened it - James 5:17-18, 1Kings 18:41-45

6. Those that do not followed God perished - 1Kings 18:17-40

7. Those that do not bow dawn for idol were all saved. 1Kings 19:18. Man can be under closed heaven while other will be experience blessing of God. But it is a matter of choice.


1. My Father and my God, swallow all the voice that hold me captive in the name of Jesus

2. Every voice of man or woman that hinder me to progress is scatter by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

3. The power of voice that eating my fruitfulness die by thunder of God in the name of Jesus

4. Every blessing, fruitfulness, success that the voice of prophet have silence in my life, I command them to rise by the power in the name of Jesus

5. My destiny that is hold by the voice of man, lose by the power in the name of Jesus

6. My God in your mercy, restore everything that belongs to me that have been scattered by the voice of man in the name of Jesus

7. Every demarcation that the voice of prophet put between me and my promised land is cancelled by the blood of Jesus

8. Any voice that stand between me and my great helpers is hereby scatter and destroy by the voice of God in the the name of Jesus

9. Every voice that joined together to spoke against my destiny, marriage, business, job, ministry and academic are hereby scatter by the thunder of God in the name of Jesus

10. Every voice of sickness and infirmity in my body, die by the blood of Jesus

11. Any where that the voice of man had work against me, is expired today in the name of Jesus Christ.

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