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Bible Reading: 1 Samuel 14:24-32

Saul was a king and he desired to conquered his enemy, but instead to instructed his people to fast and pray, he kept them under cursed. 

Many leader are wicked leader that offer nothing than curse to their followers. They has not to do than to cursed his follower. They can only make the life of their followers miserable, biter, sorrow, fruitless, failure, faint, and end up in sudden death.

Most of these leaders are king Saul of their generation. They are in position only to hinder people from their vision, stopping people from fulfilling g their destiny and be an obstacle to any success that is coming to their followers. God will use this message to deliver us in Jesus name.


1. Their land full of honey but they could not take it : 1 Sam. 14:25. Their land was full of honey but the cannot touched it. Many people cannot possess good things today as a result of cursed affecting them. Many are working in good company, best office, and great industry but they are poor because are under curse. You could see a man working in the bank,but living a poverty life. Many professor cannot show good things they achieve in life as a result of cursed that place on them. Your wife or husband is right partner but your marriage is barren because you are under curse.

2. The honey dropped but no one to touch it - 1 Sam.14:26. They seen the honey, the honey is with them but no one pur his hand to touched it because of the cursed. This is the position many are today, they see good things with their eyes but their hand could not touch or hold it. Many are in a place where fruitfulness, blessing and good things surrounding them but not experienced or enjoy it. They seen good house, best cars, good people that can help then but no way to have it in hand. Many will leave their country going to another country in order to be fruitful but the reverse is the case because they were under cursed. Think of yourself now!

3. No man put his hand to his mouth -  1 Sam.14: 26. The greatest disaster that can happen to man is to work, see food and he could not ear it. The people see the honey but they cannot eat it because of a cursed. You are unable to eat the fruit of your labor because you are under cursed. You cannot use your hand to do good and great things in life because you are under cursed. At times, you spend in vain because you are under curse. As you are gather so it scatter because you are under cursed. You find it difficult to do good, great and glorious things because you are under cursed. Today you are deliver under the cursed that affecting you in the name of Jesus.

4. Only Jonathan that was not under the cursed was touched, ate, and enjoyed the honey. 1Sam.14:27. Only person that was not under cursed enjoy the goodness and ate the honey. In a family, only people that are not under cursed is free from sorrow, barrenness, failure, abject poverty, sickness, sudden death, and hell fire.

5. Jonathan was refreshed after eaten the honey. 1Sam.14:27 NLV. He enjoyed good and sound health. When others were fainted, he was flourished.

6. Jonathan"s eyes was opened - 1 Sam.14:27. Only those that are not under cursed can fulfill their glorious vision. 

7. People were weary and fainted. 1 Sam. 14:27. The people knew and fully experience weariness and fainting. They lost their boldness, the lost their strength,  and they cannot do good things by then. Many have lost the boldness needed to face their challenges, they have lost the power needed to conquered their enemies and they have been victimise by the enemy because they were under cursed. 

8. The people could not celebrate or singing for victory. Jonathan said: my father hath trouble the land. 1 Sam.14:29. They only thing king Saul did to his people is outing them into trouble. And the people accepted the trouble. Any power and curse that put you into any trouble is terminated today by the blood of Jesus.

9. Saul called upon God but He answer him not 1 Sam. 14:37. Many could not see answer to their prayer as a result of cursed on them. Cursed can make anyone prayer useless and meaningless. It can hinder prayers for many days and several years. Curse can close heaven against anyone as long as such is under curse. Curse have cause many troubles and afflictions to many family. Instead to have solution to their problems, the curse will always add more problems.  Curse have turn the life of prayer champion to unprofitable and wrecthless. 
Truly they have zeal and boldness in prayer, but no positive result to show. It is true that they are praying but no evidence or proof in their lives 

10. Cursed can affect anyone as a result of personal sins, evil deeds, and wrong doings.  Deuteronomy 27:16-26. Proverbs 3:33. Disobedient to the law of God - Gal. 3:10. 

Confession, Repentance and Total Submission to Jesus in sincerity heart and fervent prayer is what you must do now in order to be free from the cursed will discuss. 


1. God I thank you for sending this message to me, thank for your wisdom and understanding for me to know the truth in this message.

2. Father, I confess all my sins unto you, (mentioned your sins). Wash me clean with the precious blood of your Son Jesus Christ.

3. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I terminate every curse of parent that is affecting my life, marriage, business, job, academic and ministry in the name of Jesus 

4. Father, with the authority in the blood of Jesus, I cancel and uprooted all the seeds of cursed planted in me through my patent in the name of Jesus 

5. Any where that i was tied as a result of any cursed, I hereby set free by the blood of Jesus 

6. My Father and my Lord, delivered me and set me free from under the rulership, dominion and kingship of any cursed in the name of Jesus

7. As from today henceforth, any curse has no power over my life, marriage, job, business, ministry, academic finances and my success in the name of Jesus.

8. God, honour yourself in my life and everything I do as from today in the name of Jesus. 

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