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My answer is NO!
There are many things that make for a good marriage. Marriage is a work, an investment you don't give up and a ministry you must hold tight!
It takes a whole lot of sacrifices, great commitment and many more to keep a marriage.

Being a virgin is a good virtue which portrays you as a self-disciplined, determined, God-fearing, decent and possibly a faithful spouse. Being a virgin is not enough; It is the fruits of the spirit that beautifies a virgin, If you are a virgin and you lack good & Godly character then you are not yet made for a good marriage. It is a great honour if you can sacrifice an ungodly relationship and the fun/pleasure that incur the wrath of God through fornication.

From the revelation I had years ago, there are 2 types of virgins: IMPURE & PURE.
Impure virgins are the ones who are involved in MASTURBATION,ROMANCES, FOREPLAYS, ORAL SEX/ANAL SEX all in the name of keeping their virginity/ boyfriends. The pure virgins don't do such at all. Be either HOT or COLD! Don't be lukewarm. Don't sit on the fence!

Every saints has a past & every SINNER HAS A FUTURE.
I am not a saint but God chose me, kept me by His mercy. This is my ministry/calling and He gave me this assignment.
I was among the impure virgins some years back through ROMANCES AND FOREPLAY OF ALL SORTS until I encountered God in a new light.

I saw in a revelation, a plate of delicacy placed before me and there was SHIT all around the edge of the plate.
I wondered and asked, Lord how come? The delicious food with shit surrounding the tip of the plate?
He replied me: the food is good, delicious and inviting but there's a blemish therein, such are those who claim they are virgins yet engage in all sorts of filthiness. Be a virgin of purity!

I made a new commitment & re-dedicate my life to Christ.

It doesn't matter even if you have lost your pearl to the swine but please don't continue in it. You are still a virgin to Christ! If you accept Jesus as your lord and savior,you are His VIRGIN! He is the author of marriage;He will re-write your love story! HE'S ALL YOU NEED FOR A GOOD MARRIAGE. Run to Christ and make a new commitment 2 Him TODAY!
If your boyfriend/fiancée is not staying because of sex definitely he's not worthy of you! You don't owe your body to your boyfriend/fiancée but your husband. 
A real son of God will respects you, treats you as a queen, keep you like a treasure, takes you to the altar and not to his bed. 

Do you really think you can KEEP A MAN WITH SEX? Do you want to marry a lady that keeps BEGGING YOU 4 SEX? Wait till he/she finds another SEX MACHINE out there.

I am made to share this, God desires an INTIMATE relationship with you, your body is His temple so sweep the dirt, clean the shit and let the king of Glory come in. Your life is a delicacy meant for the King of kings and He's preparing you for a king/Queen.

Heb.10:26, Romans 12:1-2, 1 Cor.10:11, Rev. 3:20, Isaiah 54:8, 1 John 1:9, 2 Chr.7:14, 1 Thes.4:3-7, 1 Cor.6:13, 19-20

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