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One thing is common in this life, what that has beginning must has end. And every human beings has one problem or the other, and such problem or challenges has end and expire date. Today is the last day of this month, and once today gone, no one can see this month again even forever, this month of April that one can see next year will be different because what will happen there will be different from what happened in this year April. Moreover, the days, hours and minutes may be the same but what occur or happens will be different totally. 

As today is the last and expire day for this month, so also God has destined today to be the last existence of any forms of problems or challenges that have been war against your life, marriage, business, academic, success, job, work, ministry, family, etc. No matter where the problems come from, no matter how long you have been in that sickness, no matter how struggle or many ways you have tried to overcome such epidemic or situation, God ordained and approved today as the last day to your challenges or problems.

You are only required to believe, accept and hold unto Jesus Christ the only one that can expire and end all human problems - Matthew 11:28-30, John 10:10.


As today is the end of this month of April, and no one can see it forever, I declare by the authority in the name of Jesus Christ that:

1. Every gathering against your next financial breakthrough are hereby  expire and die today in the name of Jesus 

2. Every antagonist against your next promotion is hereby  expire and die today in the name of Jesus 

3. Every power that designed to stop you from achieving the next uncommon testimony is hereby  expire and die today in the name of Jesus 

4. Every hands that send to stop you from receiving the next contract, success, job, work and appointment is hereby  expire and die today in the name of Jesus 

5. All the blockage that assigned to hinder you to the next promotion and upliftment is hereby  expire and die today in the name of Jesus 

6. Your uncommon testimony is started today and nothing can stop it forever in the name of Jesus 

7. Divine open door of every possibility is here by open to you in the name of Jesus 

8. Every causes of setback, failure and barrenness in your life, academic, business, job, finances, ministry, marriage and family is hereby  expire and die today in the name of Jesus 

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