Tomorrow About This Time


BIBLE READING: PSALMS 89, 2Kings 7:1-20


1. By this time of tomorrow, God in His mercy will make the door of good and great job open for me in Jesus name

2.  Before this time tomorrow, God in His mercy and favour will connect me with divine helpers that will change my story in Jesus name

3. Before this time tomorrow, God that end scarcity in Samaria will end all the lack and failure in my business, job, ministry and marriage in Jesus name

4. Before this time tomorrow, God in his mercy and favour will make me become a living testimony of good and great things in Jesus name

5. Before this time tomorrow, all the enemies that hinder me to progress shall become death and be in mortuary in Jesus name

6. Before this time tomorrow all my attackers shall not be alive in Jesus name

7. Before this time tomorrow, all the money they owe me shall come back to me in hundredfold in Jesus name

8. Before this time tomorrow, I will not be on this sickbed anymore because the hands and power of God will heal me in Jesus name

9. By this time tomorrow, those that see me today will celebrate with me for great things that my great Father and Great God will do for me in Jesus name

10. Before this time tomorrow, the man or woman that I should marry will get connect with me in Jesus name

11. By this time tomorrow, the better and great job that is more glorious than the one i lost shall be given to me in Jesus name
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