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Bible Reading: Numbers 14:1-7

Topic: Disaster of Murmuring – Part 2

One the greatest killer of people destiny is murmuring. When you are murmuring you are lent yourself to satanic kingdom. Moreover, when you are murmuring to God, you are rent your total life to disaster and destruction without remedy.

The major reason why Christian or people of God are murmuring is because they are ungrateful. If you are appreciate and grateful to the Almighty God for what He has done, for what He is doing and for what He shall do, surely you will not murmuring. Let us share difference ways that people are NOT grateful to God that make them murmuring against Him:

1. Ungrateful to the past. The people of God murmuring against God because they did not appreciate what God has done for them when they were in Egypt. Numbers 14:2.Many so-called Christians today are in the same shoe of the Israelites in wilderness. God sent them free from the power, bondage and affliction of Pharaoh and the Egyptians, in a little while, they are complain and forget the great things God did for them. Do you appreciate everything that God did for you from last minutes to the day you are born? Do you see God greatness in you and in your endeavors? Do you remember that some of your friends and colleagues have died while some are in the street as mad man and mad woman? If you appreciated what God had done for you: save your soul, protecting you, provide for your needs and took you out of darkness world to the Light of His Body, you will never never murmuring against Him. Be thankful and appreciate Him!

2. Ungrateful to the Present – The people of God are in wilderness, they are murmuring. Numbers 14:2b. On that very day and time they murmuring, God is with them, He protect them and provide for them, yet they did not appreciate it. Dear friend, are you grateful in the position you are at present? Do you are appreciate the food you are eating? Do you grateful for the air that you are breathing? Do you grateful for having two legs and two hands? Do you grateful for having two eyes and no one is blind? You don’t need to murmuring to God; moreover you should appreciate Him for being there for you all the time!

3. Ungrateful for tomorrow or future. God is taking them to their promise land which is their tomorrow or future, yet they are murmuring and complaining. Do you are that your present job is the one that will open another glorious one for you? Why are you murmuring for this present one that you are doing?

4. Ungrateful to the mighty power of God that delivered them from their enemies. Exodus 14:10-13

5. Ungrateful to the sufficient provision of God – exodus 15:24, 17:3

6. Ungrateful to 24/7 protection from God – Numbers 11:1-3
Beloved, are you not the same with the Israelites that not grateful for all the above given to them from the Almighty God? Please think now and repent your sin of murmuring and turn back to GOD with thankful and grateful heart of appreciation.


1. Father in the name of Jesus, deliver me from the spirit of murmuring

2. The spirit of murmuring, get out of me by the Blood of Jesus

3. I was away my mind, heart and body with the BLOOD of Jesus from every contaminating spirit of murmuring in the name of Jesus

4. Every blessing and breakthrough that the murmuring have took away from me, I receive them back in the name of Jesus

5. My Father and my God, deliver me from the bondage that murmuring have kept me in the name of Jesus

6. Every road to my greatness that have been closed because of murmuring, be open by the mercy of God in the name of Jesus

7. My destiny that had been hidden by the forces of murmuring, get out by fire of God in the name of Jesus

8. I paralyze every work and assignment of the devil in my life, business, marriage, academic, job and ministry in the name of Jesus

9. My Father in your mercy, set me free from the house of failure that murmuring have kept me in the name of Jesus

10. I receive my job, work and business back from the hand of disappointment that murmuring kept it in the name of Jesus

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