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Disaster of Murmuring - Part 3


BIBLE READING: Exodus 14:10-12


This is the part 3 of our message title Murmuring Against God, and our focus today is the result of murmuring against God which are:

The first thing murmuring do is causing backward. The Israelites decided to go back to slavery land and remain in bondage of Pharaoh and the Egyptians because of their murmuring. They said: “Let us make a captain, and let us return into Egypt” Numbers 14:4. They prefer to going back to their formal way of living and dwelling in failure, affliction, bondage and sickness. Thousand of believers of today are operating like the Israelites, dwelling in the past that they have past. There is no day they see good vision and pursuing it. They always repeat what they have done, no change of story or change of testimony. Make God deliver you is such situation in Jesus name.

Secondly, they are looking for alternative god that will lead them back to Egypt. “Let us make a captain…” Captain in this verse means alternative leader, alternative saviour, alternative partner, etc. Some husband today could not spend two years with their wedded wife, they have to re-married because they could not cope with marital challenges. Several youths are changing course in their institution from one semester to another one because they are murmuring and not satisfy with the one they are doing. Many have lost their job and businesses as a result of murmuring and not content with the one they have. Looking for alternative way of achieves success and financial breakthrough from herbalist, false prophets, cultism, etc will not only end you being a failure but will add to your problem and your last will worst than before. The Bible affirms that, there is a way seems right before man but the end of it is a way of death and destruction – Proverbs 14:12. The only that can give you success at end is the WAY OF JESUS CHRIST. He said: “I am the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE, no man come unto the FATHER, but by Him” John 14:6.

Thirdly and final for today, your murmuring will hinder you to your promise land. The greatest disaster that bestowed on the Israelites is that, majority of them could not get to their promise land as a result of their murmuring against God. Numbers 14: 26:ff. Your destiny is in your hand is either you fulfill it or forfeit it. Your tomorrow is sure and is great, but you are the one to decide how it will be and fulfill it. Never allow murmuring hinder you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your destiny. Today may be tough and seem like there is no hope, mind you God is in control of your life as long as you hope, believe and rest on HIM only.


1. My Father and my Lord, forgive me all my sin and wash away my sin with your Blood in Jesus name

2. All the seed of murmuring that devil has planted in me, be uprooted y the Blood of Jesus

3. Any obstacles the murmuring have place before me, is remove by the fire of God in Jesus name

4. By the grace of God my Father, I will fulfill my destiny and not forfeit it in Jesus name

5. The power to move forward and become a victorious in this world, I receive it in Jesus name.

6. As from today henceforth, I will reach my destination of greatness in Jesus name

7. My Father and my God, connect me with Divine helpers that will help me achieve my dreams and fulfill my destiny in Jesus name

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