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Secret of Prosperity

DAY 8 -Sunday 8th February 2015


BIBLE READING: Psalms 1:1-6

Year 2015 is one of the years that full of success, blessing, prosperity and testimonies, but only those that know the keys, use the keys and hold the keys will experience unlimited prosperity that lead to uncommon testimonies.

Today, our focus is on the secret number one of prosperity in this year 2015, which is: SEEK THE LORD YOUR GOD


It is a commandment and we must obey it – Matthew 6:33

As long as you seek the Lord you will find Him and making Himself known to you – Proverbs 8:17

As long as you seek the Lord your God, as long as you remain wealth and prosper – Job 36:11, 2Chronicles 26:5

The more you seek God, the more your wealth increase – 2Chronicles 31:20-21. The levels you attain in seeking God determine the level you will reach in prosperity.

You will be augmentation and increment in knowledge, wisdom and potentials as long as you seek God.

The way and how you seek God will determine the way that God will bless and prosper you this year – 2Chronicles 31:20-22

Seeking God will make your business, job, work, daily work, and ministry expand and prosper all the time – 2 Chronicles 32:30, Genesis 24:42, 56. 

Your work or business, or academic will not only prosper, but also become excellent and greatest around the world – Daniel 1:8, 15, 17


Seek first Kingdom of God – Matthew 6:33

Seek God wholeheartedly – 2 Chronicles 15:9-15; 31:20-21

Seek God in holiness and in righteousness – Hebrews 12:14, Romans 14:19

Seek God in the Scriptures on daily basis – Psalms 1:2-3; Acts 6:4; Joshua 1:8

Seek God with your appreciation – 1 Thess.5:18

Self-denial on daily basis – Romans 6:12-13. Denial your body

Seek God in daily prayers – Acts 10:1-2; 6:4; Genesis 24:42, 56, 1Thess 5:17

Seek Him in pure heart – Mathew 5:8

Seek God with your wealth – allow your wealth to be use for God’s work at all time – Proverbs 3:9-10

Seek and give to the poor or needy – Luke 14:13-14, Acts 9:36-42

Seek God and support the progress of His work – Nehemiah 2:20. 

Let the progress of the work of God be your priority and concern all the times


1. My God and my Father, give me the mind to seek You wholeheartedly throughout my life in Jesus name

2. Every forces that do not allow me to seek God in fullness of heart, you are a liar, die by the Blood of Jesus

3. The power of prosperity that is inside of seeking God, let it be my portion in Jesus name

4. The door of prosperity that have been closed against me be open by the power in the Blood of Jesus

5. I receive and possess the Spirit of God that will cause me to seek God in holiness, righteousness and faithfulness, in Jesus name

6. Any roadblock that block my way to prosperity, be remove by the Blood of Jesus

7. My business, work, job, ministry and marriage shall prosper more than my expectation this year in Jesus name

8. The spiritual way of my prosperity and success that have been closed by my sins, in God mercy, be open by the power in Blood of Jesus

9. The keys of my prosperity in year 2015, I receive by the power in the name of Jesus

10. Every demonic altar against my prosperity, scatter by the power in the Blood of Jesus

11. Any sacrifice that had been made against my prosperity by forces and agents of darkness is hereby scatter and terminated by the Blood of Jesus

12. This year, I will succeed, I will prosper, I will be blessed in Jesus name

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