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Getting to Your Destination in 2015 with Uncommon Testimonies

DAY 14 - Saturday 14th February 2015


BIBLE READING: Psalm 24, Psalm 29 and Psalm 91

We thank God for the beginning and the end of this program for this year 2015. The God that make it possible for us to start and finished the program will surely cause and make us end this year in peace and in uncommon testimonies.

Today prayer bombs are in different ways and contain various prayers target.  Make sure you read the Psalms above and digest them several times before you start these prayer bombs:


1. My God and my Lord, this year fulfill Your purpose in my life in Jesus name

2. O LORD, deliver me from profitless hard work this year in Jesus name.

3. I refuse to gamble with my destiny; you destiny killers die by fire in the name of Jesus.

4. O God arise and disgrace the fowlers and hunters of my destiny in Jesus name.

5. I curse, I rebuke, I prophesy against every embargo placed on way of progress in Jesus name.

6. My heavens will not become brass this year in the name of Jesus.

7. Powers rearranging problems in my life, fall down and die in the name of Jesus.

8. Every satanic law working against my destiny, I cancel and render null and void in Jesus name.

9. Anything buried against my destiny, be roasted by the fire of God’s judgment now in Jesus name.

10. I use the broom of fire to sweep out evil occupants from my home in Jesus name 

11. Fire of deliverance fall upon my life in the name of Jesus

12. I destroy evil hidden structures in my life with the earthquake of the Lord in Jesus.

13. I cross my local Jordan; I enter into my promised land today in Jesus name.

14. I will not fall into the gutter of destiny this year in Jesus name.

15. O Lord, deliver my soul from the prison of land covenants in the name of Jesus.

16. I am determined to make heaven; O heavens fight for me in Jesus name.

17. Every power attacking my vehicle of destiny, be buried alive in Jesus name.

18. Thou principalities in my heavens I pull you down in the name of Jesus.

19. Vision killers in the camp of my life, be exposed and be disgraced in Jesus name.

20. Dream killers of my father’s house, receive the judgment of God in Jesus name.

21. Powers stealing my virtues in the dream be crushed by the Rock of Ages.

22. O Lord, deliver my family from evil traders in Jesus name.

23. O Lord, purge me for divine promotion today in Jesus name.

24. I refuse to be a casualty in the spiritual war in Jesus name.

25. Thank God for answer all our prayers for this year fair havens in JESUS NAME, AMEN!!

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